Territorial Policing

Welcome to the Territorial Policing website pages. Territorial Policing consists of a majority of the uniformed officers visible in Dorset and includes the non specialist patrol officers and the Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

The Territorial Policing Team has one simple objective – to make Dorset safer and feel safer. We will always put the public first and all of our efforts, energy and resources are focused on protecting the diverse communities that we serve and keeping them safe.

With the introduction of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) we are committed to delivering his vision of policing:

  • To reduce the number of victims of crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • Reduce the number of people seriously harmed in Dorset.
  • Help protect the public from serious threats (local, regional and national) to their safety including organised and terrorism.
  • Reduce re-offending.
  • Increase people’s satisfaction with policing in Dorset.
  • Support Neighbourhood Policing that is appropriate for both rural and urban communities in Dorset.

We will continue to deliver focused and efficient policing that is professional, transparent and endeavours to listen, learn and improve to meet the needs of our diverse communities.

Dorset is already one of the safest places in England and Wales with the latest figures showing crime in the county including anti-social behaviour continues to fall but we are by no means complacent and will continue working together with our partners and communities to ensure that it remains one of the safest places.

The reduction in police funding forecast to continue for a significant time means policing in the future will undoubtedly be a challenge and the continuing involvement and support of our communities and community safety partners is absolutely vital to ensure we can succeed our objectives.

Dorset Police continue to be committed to providing neighbourhood policing in all areas across the whole of Dorset and Safer Neighbourhood Teams will continue to be the ‘bedrock’ of Dorset Police. Working together with our partners and communities, under the committed leadership of Neighbourhood Inspectors and Chief Inspectors, these teams provide a consistent, regular and familiar police presence in your community and have contributed greatly to the reduction in anti-social behavior – there continues to be significant decreases of incident of ASB - currently 4,800 (-15%) fewer in 2012/13 compare to 2011/12.

For more information about your local Safer Neighbourhood Team, including local priorities, engagement events and to find out what is happening in your local area and how you can get involved to help, please follow this link.


Chief Superintendent Jane Newall

Territorial Policing Commander

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