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The Parkstone, Penn Hill & Canford Cliffs areas are located within the east of Poole and share boundaries with Parkstone and Branksome West . Alexandra Park, the largest formal open space in Upper Parkstone is located in the north of the Penn Hill community. Parkstone golf course covers much of the south east of the area and is a highly visited amenity.

Part of Ashley Road, the second largest local centre outside the Town Centre, is located along the northern boundary. Penn Hill Ward is diverse with pockets of large family homes on spacious plots and areas where density is high, Sandbanks and the surrounding areas are known as very affluent areas within the UK and host some of the finest beaches that the Europe has to offer.


Local priorities

Updated August 2019

ASB Alexandra park - ASb in Alexandra park is not restricted to the stereotypical reports of kids on bikes on pavements, or noise but has some serious links to organised crime for some young people and is affecting residents, families and the vulnerable at this location.  We see reports of street drinking and drug use as well as reports of criminal damage to play equipment.  This is a community park and needs to be open and available to the whole community.  We will continue to work with the council to manage the site through maintaining the trees and foliage to prevent these spaces being abused, through to increased patrols and proactive days of action to tackle the issues in the area. 

Theft From motor Vehicles Canford Cliffs - We are seeing a resurgence in theft from motor vehicles in the Canford Cliffs area.  We have instigated a Problem Solving Model and the Beat Officer - PC Adam Brooks - will focus on this issue to see what opportunities there are to identify and deal with those committing offences.   The main offences appear to be targeted towards vehicles which have been left unlocked as opposed to a tool being used to actually force entry to a vehicle.  Top Tips to reduce the risk of your vehicle being targeted include -

  1. Lock your car.  Evidence shows offenders are just trying door handles along a line cars - the are not breaking locks or smashing windows.  As such lock your car and you reduce the risk of being a victim of crime.  Some modern cars even indicate when they are locked or unlocked so be aware of your vehicle and what it may be telling people. 
  2. Remove valuables - don't leave laptops, cash, bags or phones in a car or it is a temptation.  If there is nothing to gain you reduce the risk of being a victim.
  3. Use lighting - park under lights where the car is visible or if it is on your drive use security sensors to illuminate your property and car when activated.  These type of lights have a deterrent effect and will reduce the likelihood of your car being targeted. 

ASB Sandbanks -   This is the 3rd priority issue in the PENN HILL / CANFORD CLIFFS area.  This issue appears to increase during the summer months as the weather improves and the main areas of concern are the area around the Beach office,  BEACH ROAD and SHORE ROAD.  The ASB appears to be being caused by groups of youths from across Poole gathering and causing a disturbance through the day and late into the night. We will work with the local authority to identify the individuals involved and take appropriate action to engage them and reduce their impact on the community or more formal punitive action if needed including the use of behaviour contracts and orders.  The incidents seem to be happening in the evenings mainly on Friday and Saturday nights.

There are other individual issues which we have to manage such as an organised SUPERCAR event at HAVEN ROAD on Sunday 11th August. This has been flagged up to traffic and road safety unit as this has caused issues for residents in the past - the NPT will also be on duty along with the local authority Civil Enforcement Officers to manage the event. 

To do this we need your help; if you have any information on any of the priorities for Poole please get in touch with Dorset Police via 101; through the ‘Do It Online’ link from the force website and pass your information to the NPT.  The more we know about; the more we can do.  Let’s work together to make Poole safer.

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You said - we did

This section is for us to share some of the daily work we do on your behalf.

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Updated August 2019* ASB Alexandra Park
We did
Updated July 2019* Recent high levels of ASB have been addressed with regular patrols and high visibility operations. We are working hard to tackle issues of drug and alcohol abuse in the area and we have seen a reduction in the numbers of people in the area. Additionally the council have cut back the bushes around the pavilion to reduce opportunities for drug use and other activities with further cutbacks planed across the year. We have run a recent day of action in the area to tackle and disrupt activity and this was very successful and have plans to run more through the summer months. The local authority continue to develop the area to reduce opportunities for ASb to congregate and we are committed to tackle issues affecting the community around Alexandra Park. Please report any concerns via 101 or via the report it tab of the Dorset police website
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Updated August 2019* Marine Crime
We did
Updated July 2019* Marine Crime affects boat owners every summer. Offence range from damage to boats and moorings to theft of outboard motors and equipment. We are planning a series of joint patrols with the Harbour masters to offer crime prevention advice and guidance to marinas and boat owners as well as conducting patrols of the harbour and other areas. The development of a marine Crime Unit has begun whose focus will be on marinas, mooring points, shorelines and the community as a group,. Once officers have been selected we will post their details and they will begin to engage the marine community across Dorset - they will be based in Poole as this is the largest marine area and as a result has more reported crimes,
You said
Updated July 2019* You are having regular issues with Anti-Social behaviour throughout Poole.
We did
Updated July 2019* We have started a new scheme run by BCP Youth Services called the Pop-Up Bus. The small bus will be parked at 5 different locations, on a rotation, on Fridays during the summer. The first one was at Verity Park on Friday 28th June. On the bus will be Youth Services, Poole NPT, Safer Schools Communities Team and the ASB team. The aim is to encourage young people in the area to come and get involved in some activities and hopefully prevent them from getting bored and potentially causing ASB.

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Parkstone, Penn Hill & Canford Cliffs

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