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Canford Heath is a largely residential suburb located within Poole and bordered by a large area of heathland. The Canford Heathland itself is known for being the largest heathland in Dorset, and the largest lowland heath in the UK.

The residential areas within Canford Heath do vary throughout and contain both highly affluent areas and large areas of council owned properties. The Nuffield Industrial Estate also sits nestled within the area and houses numerous commercial properties.

With a large heathland such as that found within Canford Heath, regular patrols are conducted by the team in an effort to prevent people from starting fires and to apprehend those committing unauthorised use of motor vehicles.

Policing priorities in your area

Current priorities (last reviewed October 2016):

  1. Park patrols and improvement work with the local council and Community – Chaldon Park, Halstock Park, Verity Park. These are community parks used by families and support the community coming together.  Historically these sites have suffered with incidents of ASB and the Neighbourhood Police Team in conjunction with local councillors, the UP team from Limelights and the NHW are looking to 'design out' the issues that occur at these locations from littering, overgrown areas and poor lighting. Targeted patrols will continue to be conducted by the NPT and PCSO Sam HOLMES is tasked to liaise with local community to start the project to reduce the issues at these sites.  

  2. Speeding SurveyMonkey form returned numerous complaints of speeding and several locations across the area including – Verity Crescent, Adastral Road top end and Adastral Road/Learoyd Road at School times. Tasked to No Excuse and Special Constabulary who conducted regular checks.


Resolved priorities and actions taken:       

  1. Will be updated when current priorities are resolved.


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ASB Chaldon Park. Work has been undertaken with the core group of identified individuals and many have now received letters or ABCs from Poole Council in respect of their behaviour and the impact on the community.  Patrols have been conducted regularly in the area and as a team we now have 2 new members of staff which will increase visibility and effectiveness.  

Speeding. Special Constabulary tasked to speeding patrols and the ANPR team have been in the area with some success – no stats available. Community Speed Watch in Broadstone is highly successful and there have been efforts by the team to get a Canford Heath and Creekmoor one up and running with limited take up so far but with the continued increase and development of the NHWs it is hoped that there will be a group in these areas soon. CSWs are effective and provide a realistic view at the issue of speeding on an area.

Police priorities for the NPT are set for us at the Safer Neighbourhoods Panel Meeting which occurs approximately every 6 weeks.  These priorities are chosen based on current statistics - hotspots, crime series, community issues etc. and your views and concerns raised with us through your NHW, via email or face2face survey. 


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Inspector Andy Edwards

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