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Poole North is a diverse area that includes large residential areas, places of public entertainment, schools, shopping areas, industrial estates and retail parks, alongside heathland areas that are designated Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

The policing of the area is strongly focused on reducing crime and anti-social behaviour to improve the quality of life for everyone who lives in or visits the area for work or recreation.

Our patrol officers provide a resilient, effective 24 hour policing capability responding to the wide range of incidents and emergencies that can occur in the area. These officers work closely with our Neighbourhood Policing Teams (NPTs) to provide an effective policing service that recognises and responds to the priorities of the community and yet is available to deal with the full spectrum of services required from the police.

The NPTs are dedicated to tackle priority crime and Anti Social Behaviour areas and consist of police officers, PCSOs and volunteers led by two dedicated Sergeants all working in close partnership with other agencies and the local communities to tackle issues and secure long term solutions.

We have developed a 100 day Plan for the borough and each area has identified its key issues which are listed against the Community pages below.  These will be the focus of the NPTs; of these issues we have identified a top 3 that will be our main focus due to the impact and effect on communities and the vulnerable - these 3 key issues are:-


  1. Street Drinking / ASB—Ashley Road
  2. ASB—Poole Bus Station
  3. ASB—Canford Heath


ASB is not stereotyped to kids on bikes on pavements, graffiti or noise but has some serious links to organised crime for some young people and is affecting residents, traders and the vulnerable at these locations.  We also have an on-going focus across Poole on Criminal Exploitation which includes Child Sexual Exploitation and Child Exploitation (which is the carrying of drugs and weapons) and County Lines Drug Dealing including exploiting the home address of vulnerable people known as cuckooing.


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