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North Dorset Rural

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North Dorset police cover a huge area 235 square mile area of predominately rural Dorset, made up of rolling hillsides, iconic views & historic places. They work hard to effectively engage with the public & work with partner agencies to resolve local policing priorities. The team is split into two strands, Urban & Rural. They both support each other & work with our response teams, volunteers including the Special Constabulary & have close working links to the Dorset Police Rural Crime Team.

The team (Urban & Rural) are led by an inspector, supported by two sergeants. There are then 2 PC’s & 4 PCSO’s. They cover Sturminster Newton & all the rural areas surrounding the 3 Urban hubs, & work closely with those teams to address any concerns or matters that occur.

The area has many villages, & farms & although spread out hosts many important & large events throughout the year including the Great Dorset Steam Fair which brings in over 100,000 visitors over a long weekend in August/September. Other events include the Shaftesbury Gold Hill Fair, Sturminster Newton Cheese Festival, Teddy Rocks as well as a host of other events, so the team work hard to ensure these where possible have a presence.

The team will patrol this area & engage with the community in order to provide reassurance & deter theft, they can also give salient advice on crime prevention for isolated buildings or provide advice on security marking & watch schemes.

North Dorset has one of the lowest crime levels in the county, & is a lovely place to live, hence the amount of visitors during the year. We want to keep both residents & visitors safe & continue to support those affected by crime & to protect the vulnerable in the communities.

Your NPT would like to hear from you, about any issues you may like to discuss, find your local NPT officers by using the links below. Contact us, so that together with our partner agencies we can make North Dorset a safer place to live.



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Local Priorities

1. To Disrupt and Reduce Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) with a focus on Youth related ASB and Hotspots.

Issue Date: 01/04/2021

It is still a top priority for North Dorset Rural, along with our patrol Teams to support Dorset Police's IMPACT Team (Integrated Missing Person and Child Exploitation Team) and partner agencies to protect children and young people at risk of Anti-Social Behaviour & Vulnerability. Recent trends include underage drinking, drug misuse and associated ASB and Disorder at identified Hotspots utilising the Victim, Offender, Location, Time  (VOLT) Policing Model.

We are aware that ASB adversely affects people who live within our communities, working in collaboration with our partners we will explore possible solutions. 
With the help of our communities we will identify vulnerable people who may be susceptible to becoming a victims of ASB and this will help to us to inform, reassure and signpost them for the appropriate support. As well as targeting the offenders. 

Your Neighbourhood Policing Teams welcome any information or support from the public and local community.  Please continue to report incidents to us on line, on 101 or 999 in an emergency. 

With the easing of the COVID-19 Restrictions, this priority will continue to be monitored and reviewed. 

Action Date: 01/07/2021

Following on from our recent Neighbourhood Policing Priority Surveys (published on this website and via our social media channels) Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) has been selected as a top priority for residents in North Dorset Rural communities.

Throughout the previous quarter we continued to patrol hotspot areas and dealt with ASB using appropriate and proportionate actions. Our partner agencies have increased Youth Out Reach and we will continue to work with them throughout the summer months to protect children, young people and people at risk of exploitation. 

2. Drug Dealing - Disrupt 'County Lines' networks and criminal exploitation of vulnerable people.

Issue Date: 01/04/2021

County Lines' is a national issue which involves the exploitation of vulnerable persons; this can involve both young people and adults who require safeguarding. These vulnerable young people and adults are targeted by violent members of drug networks and gangs in order to move and sell drugs across the country or. Agencies have identified that there is growing evidence of city-based drug networks extending their drug dealing activity into new areas, many of which are coastal and market towns. The drug networks will often take over the home of a vulnerable person in order to use it as a base for drug dealing. This has a significant impact on the local community and increases the level of street dealing and ASB

We will proactively target organised drug supply by developing and acting on community intelligence.
In conjunction with the County Lines Team, we will carry out regular safe and well checks on vulnerable members of the community. 
This will help protect them from the risks that county lines drugs suppliers pose.

We will also liaise with and signpost vulnerable victims to our partner agencies that can offer help, support and advice.  

Action Date: 01/07/2021

This priority has, again, been selected by the community as a priority this quarter. In the previous quarter we have continued to tackle drug related activity in North Dorset Rural communities.  We have worked with partner agencies and have safeguarded persons where necessary.

As this priority has rolled into our first quarter of 2021, we will continue to work on this priority, monitor and review it when needed.    

3. Rural Crime - including Burglaries and other rural related crimes.

Issue Date: 01/04/2021

Reports of rural crime, from farm thefts to poaching, as well as criminal damage and other illegal activity, are a priority for the Neighbourhood Policing Team. These reports and crimes can represent a considerable loss to a victim.

Action Date: 01/07/2021

We will gather intelligence, engaging with rural communities to ensure that we direct our resources appropriately. We will conduct enforcement and prevention operations, with the aim of protecting victims and reducing the effect rural crime has.

We will consult with our communities to ensure we're achieving these aims.

From the recent Neighbourhood Policing Priority Survey, Burglaries have been selected as a top priority. Our rural communities have been affected by burglaries recently, therefore this will also be a focus for our teams. 

We will work in partnership with the Rural Crime team to police our rural communities, share intelligence and engage.

Work is also being done with Dorset Waste partnership targeting fly tipping and associated offences.

4. Summer Demand and expected increase in Visitors/tourism – Neighbourhood Policing Teams continuing response to the regulations.

Issue Date: 01/04/2021

With the easing of Lockdown and anticipated increase in staycations- It is likely that we will see an increase in tourism and visitors which may impact on the Rural infrastructure of our areas.

We will continue to:

1) ENGAGE with our community via all safe methods available to us to inform, educate and reassure.

2) EXPLAIN the Government guidance and the Law.

3) ENCOURAGE voluntary compliance with the guidelines and the Law.

4) ENFORCE the law as a last resort.

We will apply the law in a system that is flexible, discretionary and pragmatic. This will enable us to make sensible decisions and employ our judgement where necessary.

Action Date: 01/04/2021

This is an on going priority which will be reviewed and updated if appropriate.


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North Dorset Rural

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James Francis PS 0731 (North Dorset Rural)
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Mandy Robinson PCSO 5352 (Sturminster Newton & North Dorset Rural)
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Dave Mullins PC 2186 (Blandford Rural)
What we do

Neighbourhood policing improves the quality of life within Dorset communities. Working together with partner agencies and problem-solving with local people and groups, we will target the policing issues that matter most in your area.

Get in touch with us today to raise any issues you have and to find out what priorities we are currently working on. This is your chance to influence the service that the police, and our partners, provide.

You can contact us via the Dorset Police website or social media, where we also promote upcoming meetings and events. We are based at: Blandford Police Station.

In an emergency

The Neighbourhood Policing Team works with colleagues across Dorset Police, but does not respond to emergency calls. If a crime is in progress or life is in danger, always dial 999 immediately, so we can help you as quickly as possible.