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East Dorset is one of the larger policing sections in Dorset, & the team works hard to effectively engage with the public & work with partner agencies to resolve local policing priorities. The team is split into two strands, urban & rural. They both support each other, working closely with our response teams based in Ferndown & are supported by members of the special constabulary & community volunteers.

The urban team is comprised of 2 sergeants, 4 PC’s & 7 PCSO’s. With an inspector nominally in charge of both strands of the team. There are two smaller stations mainly used for NPT’s these are at Verwood & Wimborne, & the urban team is spread from Corfe Mullen with population of approx. 11,000 (2011), through to Wimborne with a population of approx. 16,000 (2014) along to Ferndown population of 27,000 (2011). Then up to Verwood via West Moors, with a combined population of approx. 22,000. Increasing expansion means this particular area has most of the sections population.

The team will patrol the area & engage with the community in order to provide reassurance & to deter crime. They can give advice on crime prevention & work hard with partner agencies to deal with problems reported by the community.

East Dorset has a very low crime rate & is a great place to live. It attracts lots of visitors & as such we want to keep both residents and visitors safe. We also want to continue our support of those affected by crime & protect vulnerable persons in the community. 

Your NPT would like to hear from you about issues you may like to discuss, find your NPT officers by using the links below. Contact us, so that we together with our partner agencies work together to make East Dorset a safer place to live.


****************** CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) RESPONSE ******************

With the current situation, we are focusing our efforts on high visibility patrols in key areas. We will be challenging people we come across in line with Government legislation along with supporting the most vulnerable within our communities. Please follow Government guidelines and advice from the NHS to help keep yourself and others safe.


Summer Priorities:


  1. Disrupt 'County Lines' networks and criminal exploitation of vulnerable people. 
  2. Reduce Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) with a focus on Youth related ASB and Hotspots utilising the Victim, Offender, Location, Time  (VOLT) Policing Model.
  3. Policing our rural communities in partnership with the Rural Crime Team.






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As your local Neighbourhood Policing Team we are continuing to police toward our local priorities and targets, despite the current situation. We would normally be holding face to face engagements with our communities to help us build a better picture around what our local community priorities should be. We are keen to continue harnessing your community concerns to achieve this. Therefore we have created this quick online survey to help us make an inform decision around our NPT local priorities. Please see the attached link which will take directly to our, (very quick) survey. 

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Local Priorities

Corfe Mullen/Ferndown

Issue Date: 11/02/2020

Corfe Mullen - increased reports of criminal damage, underage drinking and Public Order offences in Towers Way.

Ferndown - increased reports of ASB, including nuisance noise, littering and intimidating behaviour in Pennys Walk and the Library Road Car Park.

Action Date: 11/02/2020

Corfe Mullen - There are increased patrols in the area and robust dealing of any offence by NPT and Patrol officers.  We are also working with Licensing who are in turn working with local retailers to reduce the theft of alcohol by young people.  Also the local Authority are involved in problem solving at this location.

Ferndown - There are targeted 'hot spot' patrols by NPT and Patrol officers.  Direct engagement with suspect/offenders.  There is also a multi-agency task force involving the Town Council and other partners, again to problem solve at this location.

Residents affected are being actively encouraged to report any incidents to the relevant agency, this maybe Housing Associations, The Local Authority ASB Team or the Police for example.  

Across the Sections - Saferguarding and Managing Vulnerable people

Issue Date: 01/05/2020

Increased risk and demand linked to local Vulnerable people, both young people and adults.  
This includes people vulnerable to SCAMS, those living with mental illness and young people in care.  

Action Date: 01/05/2020

Targeted engagement to those individuals affected.   
Multi-Agency approach and signposting to the most appropriate partner to address issues and offer safeguarding.  
There is closer working with care providers.
The use of Social Media to raise awareness relating to SCAMs.
Partnership Meeting to share appropriate information for a joined up problem solving approach.  

Verwood ASB and NPT's response COVID-19 Regulations

Issue Date: 18/02/2020

Concerns have been raised regarding incidents of ASB in an around Verwood Town, these have decreased since the COVID-19 Regulations.  However the Neighbourhood Policing Team continue to work with our partner agencies with reports of breaches of the COVID-19 Regulations. 


Action Date: 01/05/2020

The local Neighbourhood Policing Team and Police Response Teams patrol this area regularly and deal with any incidents robustly.

There was a further partnership meetings at Potterne Park in March 2020 and we encourage the local community to report any incidents to Dorset Police or the Local Authority ASB Team.  

Regarding COVID-19 breaches, we will continue to:

1) ENGAGE with our community via all safe methods available to us to inform, educate and reassure.

2) EXPLAIN the Government guidance and the Law.

3) ENCOURAGE voluntary compliance with the guidelines and the Law.

4) ENFORCE the law as a last resort.

We will apply the law in a system that is flexible, discretionary and pragmatic. This will enable us to make sensible decisions and employ our judgement where necessary.



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Inspector Simon Perry

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East Dorset Urban

Neighbourhood Policing Team

Dave Bowler PS 2919 (Wimborne & Ferndown)
Dave Bowler PS 2919 (Wimborne & Ferndown)
Jane Moore PS 1451 (Verwood/Three Cross/Alderholt)
Jane Moore PS 1451 (Verwood/Three Cross/Alderholt)
Steve Knight PC 2003 (Ferndown)
Steve Knight PC 2003 (Ferndown)
Chris Maidment PC 2759 (Corfe Mullen)
Chris Maidment PC 2759 (Corfe Mullen)
Julia Ratcliffe PC 1757 (Wimborne)
Julia Ratcliffe PC 1757 (Wimborne)
Andy Robertson PC 1292 (Verwood/Three Cross/Alderholt)
Andy Robertson PC 1292 (Verwood/Three Cross/Alderholt)
Chloe Candy PCSO 5425 (Ferndown)
Chloe Candy PCSO 5425 (Ferndown)
Adam Fitzwalter PCSO 5104 (Verwood/Three Cross/Alderholt)
Adam Fitzwalter PCSO 5104 (Verwood/Three Cross/Alderholt)
James Marsh PCSO 5528 (Ferndown)
James Marsh PCSO 5528 (Ferndown)
Lorraine Potter PCSO 7126 (Wimborne)
Lorraine Potter PCSO 7126 (Wimborne)
Neal Rooke PCSO 5384 (Corfe Mullen)
Neal Rooke PCSO 5384 (Corfe Mullen)
Julia Saunders PCSO 5467 (Wimborne)
Julia Saunders PCSO 5467 (Wimborne)
What we do

Neighbourhood policing improves the quality of life within Dorset communities. Working together with partner agencies and problem-solving with local people and groups, we will target the policing issues that matter most in your area.

Get in touch with us today to raise any issues you have and to find out what priorities we are currently working on. This is your chance to influence the service that the police, and our partners, provide.

You can contact us via the Dorset Police website or social media, where we also promote upcoming meetings and events. We are based at: Bournemouth Central Police Station.

In an emergency

The Neighbourhood Policing Team works with colleagues across Dorset Police, but does not respond to emergency calls. If a crime is in progress or life is in danger, always dial 999 immediately, so we can help you as quickly as possible.