Dorset Alert

Dorset Police is committed to working in partnership with the community and we recognise that by keeping the public informed we can all help to make Dorset safer and make Dorset feel safer.

Automated messaging improves the flow of information between the police and the community, and so enables every one of us to contribute towards the prevention and detection of crime and anti social behaviour. 

By registering for the free Dorset Police community messaging alerts members of the public can receive information on the following:

  • Local crime and incidents where we believe that sharing information with you will help to prevent further offences occurring
  • Crimes and incidents where you may be able to help by providing vital information
  • Current crime trends
  • Crime prevention advice
  • Safer Neighbourhood activity and opportunities to meet the team

You may also receive:

  • News from our partner agencies such as Dorset Fire and Rescue Service or Trading Standards
  • Community safety messages

We currently have over 22,000 subscribers, some of which are co-ordinators and contacts of Watch Schemes. If you are not already a member we suggest that you contact your local co-ordinator, they will welcome your support, and you may make new friends. You can also find out more information on Watch Schemes by contacting your local Neighbourhood Policing Team.

The personal information you provide will be stored securely on our Alert IT System and will be used to contact you, via your chosen method, about information you have selected to receive.

If you wish to remove yourself from this system at any time please email/call (add contact details) and your details will be securely deleted.

Registration is simple, just follow this link to be taken to the Dorset Alert website, click on JOIN and follow the instructions. You don't have to be a member of a watch scheme to register.

Frequently Asked Questions

Community messaging from Dorset Police is provided by ‘Dorset Alert, which is a computer database and messaging package that allows us to send messages to a group of people with just one call.

If you are a Watch Co-ordinator or scheme member, we ask you to pass the message on to other members of your group. If you are not a member of a Watch Scheme you may still wish to pass the information on to your neighbours.

If you have any information relating to the message you should contact the police at the earliest opportunity by ringing us on 101, unless it is an emergency in which case you should dial 999.

Please log into your Dorset Alert account and update your details as appropriate.

You will be given information about any crimes or incidents that have occurred in your locality if we believe notifying you will:

  • Lead to the early apprehension of offenders
  • Prevent further crimes from occurring
  • Lead to previously unknown witnesses coming forward

You may also receive information from your local Safer Neighbourhood Team including details of meetings and surgeries.

Your Comments

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What happens next

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