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Dorchester West Rural is a Neighbourhood Policing Team based in the Dorchester and Sherborne Section.

The Dorchester West Rural team is led by Sergeant 1756 Andy Napper. The two officers working on the team are PC 0229 Peter Moore, PCSO 5410 Sarah Pilcher 

The team cover the area shaded in purple on the map, you will often see Sarah your local Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) out on high visibility patrol to offer reassurance to local communities. We also work with many different agencies in turn problem solving making sure people get the help they need.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team can also visit domestic homes and businesses and can offer crime prevention advice and work with the rural community and partners to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour.

Please say hello as we will always welcome a friendly chat or offer advice where needed.


Local priorities

(last reviewed November 2019)


We have recently had a few calls of sheep worrying and in turn ewes and lambs have been found dead. This has happened largely due to irresponsible dog owners not having them on a lead when near livestock

When a dog worries livestock on any agricultural land, the owner of the dog is guilty of an offence. It is an offence if a dog is not on a lead or otherwise under control ( e.g. to heel by the owners side ).

If the offending owner and dog is identified then relevant police Powers can be used


Thefts from vehicles in remote areas at local Beauty Spots. People are parking up, going for a walk and are leaving valuables in their cars sometimes on show or seemingly hidden. Due to people being away from their cars for sometime and the locations being fairly remote the offenders have a while to break into the cars undisturbed.

We put up signage in appropriate places alerting people of the issue.

We use Dorset Alert, Facebook and Twitter to remind people NOT to leave any valuables either hidden or on show       



  • Telephone fraudsters targeting Dorset residents for cash or bank details.
    What we are doing - We are making the public aware and providing crime prevention advice such as:
    • Hang up
    • Wait for at least 5 minutes
    • Dial 1471 and write down the telephone number
    • Contact the police immediately
    • - Telephone Fraudsters - Dorset Police have a safeguarding process in place should someone be a victim of financial fraud. If anyone in the community or community groups require advice and guidance regarding scams please contact the Neighbourhood Policing Team either via this Dorset Police website or by calling 101

You said - we did

This section is for us to share some of the daily work we do on your behalf.

You said
SHEEP WORRYING Is an increasing issue in rural areas
We did
We can give farmers signage to display around their land to advise dog walkers accordingly. We carry out visible patrols in the affected areas and talk to dog walkers and handing out appropriate leaflets. We encourage anyone farmers or members of the public to phone Police should they see any dog worrying livestock in a field however minor it seems
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SCAMS This is still an issue be it via the phone, the internet or doorstep callers. The scams change all the time and we do try and alert the public to any new ones we come across
We did
Advice is, Hang up, Wait for at least 5 minutes, Dial 1471 and write down the telephone number, Contact the police immediately. Never disclose any of your personal bank details regardless of who they say they are on the other end of the phone. Dorset Police have a safeguarding process in place should someone be a victim of financial fraud so any scam reported to us regardless of whether persons loose any money is usually followed up by either a phone call and/or a visit to check safeguarding and that they will not fall victim again.
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BEAUTY SPOT THEFTS Occur throughout the seasons at rural locations
We did
We use Dorset Alert, Facebook and Twitter to remind people NOT to leave any valuables either hidden or on show . We send reminder letters to registered keepers should we see any valuables whilst patrolling. We patrol beauty spot areas and advise drivers accordingly

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Speak with the team at one of the following local events.

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Your inspector

Inspector Darren Stanton
Inspector Darren Stanton

Your local station

Dorchester Police Station Weymouth Avenue Dorchester DT1 1QZ

Telephone: 101 for non-emergency calls. In an emergency please call 999.

If you know who you want to speak to at a station, ask for them by name and station and staff will check for you and connect you if they are available or take a message.

Front counter opening hours
Please note that the Dorchester Enquiry Office is CLOSED to the public. Please be assured that Police Officers will still be working in your area. If you wish to make a non-urgent enquiry, please either use the yellow telephone or dial 101 from any other telephone. For all emergency calls please call 999. Many thanks for your co-operation and apologies for any inconvenience.

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Dorchester West Rural

Neighbourhood Policing Team

PC Pete Moore
PC Pete Moore
PS Andy Napper
PS Andy Napper
PCSO Sarah Pilcher
PCSO Sarah Pilcher
What we do

Neighbourhood policing improves the quality of life within Dorset communities. Working together with partner agencies and problem-solving with local people and groups, we will target the policing issues that matter most in your area.

Get in touch with us today to raise any issues you have and to find out what priorities we are currently working on. This is your chance to influence the service that the police, and our partners, provide.

You can contact us via the Dorset Police website or social media, where we also promote upcoming meetings and events. We are based at: Dorchester Police Station Weymouth Avenue Dorchester DT1 1QZ.

In an emergency

The Neighbourhood Policing Team works with colleagues across Dorset Police, but does not respond to emergency calls. If a crime is in progress or life is in danger, always dial 999 immediately, so we can help you as quickly as possible.