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Bournemouth North - West

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North Bournemouth Police area covers a large geographical area taking in many different and diverse communities. It has a large area of residential housing to the north and throughout the area, two large golf courses and parkland on the east and west, with the continental feel of Charminster with its cafes, restaurants and night time entertainment to the south.

The ethos of policing in North Bournemouth is to make it an even more safe and pleasant place in which to live, work or visit, for all sections of our community.

The introduction of Neighbourhood Policing Teams (NPTs) provides a regular and highly visible on-street presence, tackling issues of concern and building relationships with the communities they serve.

It is a very busy area to police and North Bournemouth officers and staff, all based at Winton Police Station, and are fully committed to delivering the best service possible. Anti-social behaviour is one of our main priorities and this is being tackled in a number of ways, such as high visibility patrolling and carrying out interactive educational programmes with partner agencies in secondary schools.

We recognise that the effect of crime and anti-social behaviour in North Bournemouth can have a big impact on people's quality of life, the area's economy and reputation. Our challenge is to work together in partnership with other key agencies responsible for public safety and wellbeing, in order to reduce crime and disorder and the fear of such. In addition, we aim to reassure the Community of North Bournemouth through regular meetings, face to face engagement and social media updates where we can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

****************** CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) RESPONSE ******************

With the current situation, we are focusing our efforts on high visibility patrols in key areas. We will be challenging people we come across in line with Government legislation along with supporting the most vulnerable within our communities. Please follow Government guidelines and advice from the NHS to help keep yourself and others safe



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As your local Neighbourhood Policing Team we are continuing to police toward our local priorities and targets, despite the current situation. We would normally be holding face to face engagements with our communities to help us build a better picture around what our local community priorities should be. We are keen to continue harnessing your community concerns to achieve this. Therefore we have created this quick online survey to help us make an inform decision around our NPT local priorities. Please see the attached link which will take directly to our, (very quick) survey. 

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Local Priorities

Bournemouth North West Top 5 Priorities

Issue Date: 08/10/2020

Management of those that are vulnerable:

Vulnerability exists in many forms and Bournemouth North are proactive in dealing with vulnerability as priority in conjunction with our partners. ASB from locations which have an impact on neighbours is a priority especially if a vulnerable person is potentially having their property exploited by others. As a partnership we can look at closure orders and tenancy reviews alongside other enforcement action.


Targeted individual ASB problem solving:

We work closely with our partners at BCP to identify and disrupt individuals who choose to not play by the rules and adversely impact the wellbeing of ordinary people. Through targeted approaches we are able to restrict the ability of people to cause ASB by arranging mediation, invoking civil injunctions, closure orders and other remedies. 


Slades Farm ASB:

We are aware of members of our younger community being involved in ASB and misuse of drugs in and around local parks. Public spaces can often be linked to matters of ASB and we do see frequent concerns around criminal damage, noise nuisance, graffiti and other ASB in and around leisure facilities / open spaces. Where we can we have engaged with schools and young people to try and reduce the incidents but sadly sporadic and single events are often difficult to predict and prevent. We will carry out investigations and look for opportunities to ID offenders through schools, social media, CCTV and other means. High visibility policing is an effective tactic also. We are actively engaging with those reporting to highlight times and locations, we have already started to deploy plain clothes and high visibility patrols to these areas to locate and deal effectively with those offending through a partnership approach. We are actively engaged with youth centres and the local police cadet scheme to try and signpost young people appropriately. 


Using virtual community engagement opportunity:

Wider engagement to our communities to assist in prevention of crime, education and keeping our residents informed and utilising virtual streams due to current restrictions. Active social media updates assist with this.


COVID Compliance:

Throughout the pandemic we have worked with our partners in BCP and have continued to work with our communities as part of the four E's - to engage with them, explain the rules and encourage compliance. We will however use enforcement when appropriate. The vast majority of the public have been sensible and responsible in their approach throughout the pandemic. Everyone has a social responsibility to stick within the rules to prevent the further spread of the virus. We cannot tolerate people deliberately flouting the rules and putting other people's lives in danger. We will work together with other members of Dorset Police as well as with our partners such as BCP in response to the pandemic.

Action Date: 08/01/2021


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Inspector Paul Graham 2303

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Bournemouth North - West

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Lewis Bailey PS 2209
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Pete Rabjohns PC 2095
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Andrew Leggott PC 2434
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Jo Humphris PC 2550
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What we do

Neighbourhood policing improves the quality of life within Dorset communities. Working together with partner agencies and problem-solving with local people and groups, we will target the policing issues that matter most in your area.

Get in touch with us today to raise any issues you have and to find out what priorities we are currently working on. This is your chance to influence the service that the police, and our partners, provide.

You can contact us via the Dorset Police website or social media, where we also promote upcoming meetings and events. We are based at: Bournemouth Central Police Station.

In an emergency

The Neighbourhood Policing Team works with colleagues across Dorset Police, but does not respond to emergency calls. If a crime is in progress or life is in danger, always dial 999 immediately, so we can help you as quickly as possible.