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Hotel Watch

Hotel Watch is a joint initiative between Dorset Police and the hotel community.

It is currently operating in Bournemouth, Weymouth and the surrounding areas and will be available in Bridport and Dorchester in the coming months..

The core objective of Hotel Watch is to share information between the hotels and the police. The scheme aims to promote safeguarding of both hotel staff and guests and increase the safety and security within hotels.

A Hotel Watch platform has been set up, allowing hoteliers and police to share intelligence, issue advice and launch appeals.

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  • Encouraging reporting, and the sharing of information and intelligence
  • Provide hotel workers with training to enable them to better identify vulnerable or criminal situations – including spotting the signs of Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Through this training, improve the response time to crimes against the vulnerable taking place in hotels, including CSE, drug related crime and human trafficking
  • Work in partnership with local businesses to identify risk and improve safety in the community
  • Support local businesses to further a safe environment with the hospitality industry
  • Gain an increased awareness of local and industry-specific crime issues and how you can help address them.
  • Receive regular information, advice and training opportunities from specialist officers within Dorset Police.
  • Improve connections with other businesses in your area, providing valuable networking opportunities.
  • Provide assurance to guests and staff, demonstrating commitment to their safety.

Evidence shows that hotels and B&Bs are often used as locations to meet, groom and abuse children.

As a result, hotels and B&Bs are in a unique position to help. Everyone has a duty to act if they suspect a child is being sexually exploited.

By passing your concerns on to the police, you could potentially save a child from being exploited and abused.

For more information and reporting advice click here. 

Register with Hotel Watch

If you would like to sign your hotel or Bed & Breakfast up to Hotel Watch, please complete the form below and return to hotelwatch@dorset.pnn.police.uk.

Hotel Watch educational videos:

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