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Young people and safe relationships

Disrespect Nobody teaching resources on preventing teenage relationship abuse (Home Office)

Aimed at KS3

Discussion guides and session plans to support the Government’s Disrespect NoBody campaign aimed at preventing abuse in teenage relationships, developed by the PSHE Association with the Home Office and Government Equalities Office.


Managing Healthy and Unhealthy Relationship Behaviours

Aimed at KS3/4 & professionals

A timely resource for schools preparing for statutory RSE from September, the lessons will support your students to recognise the qualities of healthy relationships, exhibit healthy relationship behaviours, identify the features of unhealthy or unsafe relationships/family situations and know how to seek help if they or others are facing abusive circumstances.




Aimed at Professionals

Talking about relationships and sex with young people isn’t always easy. To help you, we have developed high quality digital learning to empower, support and encourage you to deliver effective relationships and sex education (RSE) – based on our 55 years experience of working with under 25s.



Brook Resources

Aimed at KS3

Brook provides free resources which can be used to supplement relationship and sex education (RSE) Lessons.


Myth vs Reality: PSHE toolkit

Aimed at KS3

With Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) becoming statutory in all schools from September 2020, schools need practical, thoughtful and helpful resources to help them teach RSE. Myth vs Reality, our new PSHE Toolkit for 11-14s explores the topics of online pornography, healthy relationships and body image. This toolkit is an extension of our hugely successful practical PSHE toolkit ‘Crossing the Line,’ which aims to generate discussions amongst young people aged 11-14 about their experiences online.


Clever Never Goes

Aimed at KS1/2

Clever Never Goes has been developed to replace the out-dated ‘stranger danger’ approach. Whilst child abduction is relatively uncommon, it’s important that children can recognise the potential signs of danger. Teaching children simply to avoid strangers doesn’t work. Most strangers will help rather than harm children. Conversely, it is often people known to children that pose the greatest threat. Clever Never Goes moves the focus away from strangers and instead teaches children to recognise when someone (anyone) is asking them to go with them. We call this ‘Go Spotting’. In doing so, the programme aims to give children practical safety skills which they can use as they get older and become more independent.


NSPCC - Safeguarding Courses

Aimed at professionals

Training and resources to help keep you protect children from abuse and neglect.


FGM and forced marriage lesson plans from Freedom Charity

Aimed at KS3/4

Freedom Charity has produced a series of free FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and forced marriage lesson plans for pupils aged 10 to 18. The lesson plans by Freedom Charity have comprehensive background information; clearly outlining key learning objectives and suggesting potential activities to use in lessons. The resource offers an opportunity for schools to consider these issues more widely and how best to support pupils who may be at immediate or future risk.


Forced Marriage E-learning (Home Office)

Aimed at Professionals

This online course has been developed with the Forced Marriage Unit of the Foreign Office and aims to raise awareness, challenge perceptions and inform you of the correct actions to take should you suspect someone is at risk.


Honour-based Violence Awareness Network

Aimed at professionals

An International resource centre providing a variety of information, resources and reports to support professionals.


SafeLives – Ending Domestic Abuse:

Aimed at professionals

Provides a wide range of information and film resource specific to HBV/HBA (includes Forced Marriage).


Karma Nirvana:

Aimed at KS4

Karma Nirvana have collaborated with Educare to bring a e-learning course to raise awareness of Honour-Based Abuse (HBA) and Forced Marriages (FM). The course is aimed at anyone working with children and young people aiming to raise their knowledge around HBA & FM.



Aimed at KS2+

THINK! Have produced flexible content to support your students to be more road aware. Our resources support different learning styles and encourage peer-to-peer expression.