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Young people and Anti Social Behaviour

SSCT produced Click&Play for ASB
Aimed at Years 5 & 6 This session is aimed to raise awareness amongst young people of the consequences of ASB for victims and perpetrators and encourages them to make responsible choices. The session also includes education about possession of offensive weapons in public. Click on the photo above to launch the presentation.

External resources for Young people and ASB

Street crime (fearless)

Aimed at KS3, KS4

This is an educational resource for professionals working with young people throughout the UK. It provides exercises on a range of crime types that professionals can use to challenge young people’s perceptions, stimulate debate and encourage good citizenship.

Gangs - Managing risks and staying safe

Lesson pack to address the topic of gangs through PSHE education. The pack will help teachers explore with students why people might join gangs, the implication of carrying knifes and ways to get support with gang related issues.