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Witness Care Unit

The Dorset Police Witness Care Unit (WCU) offers support and updates to victims and witnesses throughout the life of a criminal court case, in cases where the defendant pleads not guilty and the case is put forward for trial at either Magistrates or Crown Court.

Witness Care Officers working in the Witness Care Unit link with other criminal justice agencies, departments and charitable organisations (e.g. the Court Service, Victim Support and Witness Service) in order to obtain information and ensure individual needs of victims and witnesses are met as far as possible.

The Witness Care Unit acts as a single point of contact for all victims and witnesses involved in a case. The Witness Care Unit calls the victims and witnesses to inform of bail conditions, remands, sentences and court dates, trials and advice about what will happen next.

The Witness Care Unit strives to meet the individual needs of each and every victim and witness, which can include arranging an interpreter, extra agency support, travel and accommodation, child care, and offering the facility for victims and witnesses to have a look around the Courts before the trial.

Contact the Witness Care Unit

  • Magistrates Court Cases: 01202 222366
  • Crown Court Cases: 01202 222365
  • Fax: 01202 226728

Office Hours: Monday to Thursday, 8am to 5pm and Friday, 8am to 4.30pm.