Cyber Security Challenge 2017

Welcome to the first ever Dorset Police Cyber Security Challenge.

As part of Internet Safety Day 2017, we have devised a two part challenge for anyone in Dorset who is interested in going into the cyber industry.

Part one of the Cyber Security Challenge is a crossword. Answer the cyber clues, fill in the grid and rearrange the shaded letters to form a four word sentence.

Email this sentence to and if you are successful you will receive the next part of the challenge.

For part two of the challenge you will need to find the hidden message located in a file. Email the message to the above email address by Midday on 24 February 2017 for a chance to win a prize.

  • 1st Prize: A day with the Dorset Police Cyber Crime Unit learning about cyber security plus a prevention advice talk at your school or place of work.
  • Runner Up: A cyber-crime prevention talk at your school or place of work

Good luck and stay safe online!

Cyber Security Challenge 2017