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Farm Watch

Farm Watch has been created to encourage farmers, landowners and anyone with an interest in countryside pursuits to improve security measures and so reduce rural crime.

The scheme allows Dorset Police to work in partnership with the rural community, alerting them to criminal activity, advising what to look out for and providing crime prevention advice.

The main aims of Farm Watch are to:

  • Reduce the opportunities for crime in farming and rural communities
  • Strengthen community spirit, so that everyone works together and plays their part in protecting his or her property
  • Improve two-way communication between the police and the rural and farming community
  • Encourage people to report suspicious activity and vehicles immediately
  • Reduce the fear of crime in the rural and farming community

Members are encouraged to subscribe to Dorset Police Community Messaging so that they can be notified immediately if there is any relevant information which may affect the security of their land, buildings, equipment or animals. 

To join Dorset Farm Watch please follow this link


Securing Your Fertiliser

Fertiliser is a costly outlay for Farmers and Growers so it is important to plan ahead and consider how you will store it and keep it secure, particularly before you expect to receive a large delivery, it is also essential to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

There are many simple measures that you can take to help prevent a theft, please see the leaflet ‘Basic principles of good security’ and see if there are measures that you can implement.

Click here to download the 'Basic principles of good security' leaflet from the NACTSO website

It is also important to report ANY suspicious activity at or near your premises promptly.