Online safety education for young people with additional needs

Online safety education for young people with additional needs resources

Josh and Sue is an animated film which covers issues around online bullying, sharing information and who are real friends. This animation has been designed to be used with young people learning difficulties. There are two different commentaries, one for those with mild to moderate needs and another for moderate to severe needs.

There is no complex story and there are clear tick and cross symbols for when an action by one of the characters is safe or not safe.

There are supporting activities and lesson plans to go with the video. All this is available here>.

This film looks at the benefits and risks of making friends online. It features Sam who is deaf. He uses the internet to make new friends and communicate with other deaf young people. The audience are invited to watch as a new friend Sam has made is not who she says she is. Sam speaks about his emotions and feelings to show how excitement can affect decision-making when chatting online.

The film uses a rewind function whereby viewers can see the steps Sam could have taken to stay safe when interacting with friends online. The film ends with Sam being helped from a risky situation by his friend and youth worker, highlighting the importance of telling someone if something doesn't feel 'right'.

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The STAR toolkit consists of practical advice and 15 teaching activities to help educators explore online safety with young people with autism spectrum disorders in Key Stage 2 and 3. The sections consist of Safe, Trust, Action and Respect.

All sections feature the concept of friendship and have a focus on finding the balance between online and offline interaction. Most of the activities are not complete lessons but starter activities or similar. This toolkit was updated in 2019.

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