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Keyholder Services

Dorset Police can assist businesses and individual residents by recording their emergency contact details. This is to enable a responsible person to be called out if an incident or situation happens at your property.

You are encouraged to take advantage of the Dorset Police keyholder registration scheme by telephoning our keyholder bureau, which is based at Police Headquarters in Winfrith and is manned by friendly individuals dedicated to inputting and maintaining the confidentiality of your details.

Registering or changing your Keyholder details - call 01202 226731

To minimise the time you are on the phone, always write down in advance the information you will be asked for (download the leaflet below to identify the information you will need). The average call time is around two minutes.

You can register your details online on the form below.

Further information

Police Calling Alarm?

As your Alarm Company is responsible for calling your keyholders when your alarm activates, you should always ensure that up-to-date details are registered with them. However, for non-alarm situations such as fire, flood etc., you can also register your information with the Dorset Police Keyholder Bureau. Other useful information can also be recorded – such as details of vulnerable persons that live at the premises etc. Please quote your existing police Uxxxxx reference number when you call.

'Audible-Only' Alarm?

If your alarm rings a bell or siren at the premises but is not monitored by a third party you can still register your keyholders. It is important that keyholders can be called to your premises to investigate why the alarm has activated and to reset it. You will be allocated a Police Keyholder Reference Number (Kxxx) at the time of your first call.

No Alarm?

Even if your home, office, workshop or factory does not have an alarm, should something happen at your premises when you're not there, the emergency services will know who to contact. Again, you will be allocated a Police Keyholder Reference Number (Kxxx) at the time of your first call.


  • The ability to bring problems at your property to the attention of a keyholder - to ensure that your property receives attention in the shortest possible time.
  • Information regarding details of age, disability or any vulnerability of persons residing at a property can be recorded.  This valuable information will allow sensitive handling of an incident - for the benefit of both the person and the authorities.
  • To allow the authorities to quickly notify you of any impending danger such as flooding, pollution etc - to ensure your safety.
  • Your information will be kept secure by the police and will only be made available in an emergency to Local Authority Environmental Health, Fire and Ambulance Services. If you wish, you may also give us a 6 digit password (which you should be able to remember easily!).
  • For your peace of mind and to save you money - you may indicate your preferences for emergency repairers. 
  • For your future convenience and security - you will be issued with a Police Keyholder Reference Number (Kxxx). (For existing subscribers, please use your Police Kxxx or Uxxx number).

Keyholder Registration Form

Keyholder Registration Form

Name and telephone number (Incl STD code) of keyholders

Your preference for emergency repair services (Name and telephone number)

By ticking the box you are giving your consent.

The information collated in the form above will be used for the purposes of police response in the event of an emergency.

What happens next

To find out what we do with the information we collect from this form please visit GDPR form responses.

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