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Firearms Licensing - Application Forms

Grant or renewal of a Firearm and/or Shotgun Certificate


Renewal Applications.  From 23/09/2020 due to processing complications renewal applications will ONLY be accepted in paper form posted to Firearms and Explosive Licensing Department. Please ensure you return your renewal application 8 weeks prior to the expiry date of your certificate. This will automatically add an extension of 8 weeks to the original certificate expiry date to ensure that you comply with legal requirements and remain in lawful possession of your guns and ammunition.

Grant Applications - Grant applications for Dorset are open, however we do anticipate a large influx of applications due to the previous suspension caused by Covid-19. Please be assured we are working as hard and fast as we can to process your applications. As your Grant progresses along the application stage we will contact you to arrange a visit / inspection. We are unable to give a timescale, however we aim to contact you as soon as you reach the appropriate stage. Any enquiries prior to being contacted should be made via email

Firearm Variations - We are pleased to announce that suspension on Firearms Variations has now been removed and we are able to process your requests



Please download and complete the following Home Office and Dorset Police application forms before using our Essential Information and Fees document, to ensure you have completed all of the necessary information before submitting your application.

PLEASE NOTE. Your application will not be accepted unless it has been fully completed using the help notes provided.

Renewal applications not in the system at least 8 WEEKS prior to the expiry date of the current certificate will result in the processing of the new certificate being delayed. You WILL be required to make alternative storage arrangements for ALL possessed Firearms/Shotguns and expanding ammunition covered by the certificate prior to its expiry.

Failure to move the guns and notify Firearms Licensing in writing where all guns are being stored in the interim period could result in you being in unlawful possession.

Variation of Firearm Certificate

Change of Address Form

If you are relocating please complete the online form below

Notification of Purchase or Sale of Firearm or Shotgun

Gun transfer notifications. Please use this email link to supply details of any guns you have purchased, sold or disposed of. Email Firearms


Application for a Visitor's Firearm / Shotgun Permit

Firearms Dealers: Application for Registration or for new Certificate of Registration

Notification by a Registered Firearms Dealer of a place of business not already entered in the register


For applications for Explosives Certificates please contact the Devon and Cornwall Firearms Licensing Department by calling 01392 225650 to request the relevant application form.

Return your completed form to:

Firearms and Explosives Licensing
Devon and Cornwall Police,
Police Headquarters,

Please remember to sign and date each form before you submit them.

For documents saved in a portable document file format ( PDF) you will need a PDF reader to view the documents.

You can download the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe by following this link >

If you are unable to download your chosen application form, request a copy of the necessary form(s) by email firearms.licensing@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk.