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Safer Summer 2020

Safer summer 2020

Dorset gets extremely busy during summer. The recent hot weather has seen many visitors and residents enjoying our beaches and beauty spots. Most have behaved in a considerate and respectful way. 

However, during the June heatwave a lot of litter was left behind on our beaches and there has already been a lot of devastation caused to local areas as a result of barbeques not being disposed of safely.

Everyone is welcome to Dorset. Please be respectful by disposing of your litter correctly and safely, act responsibly and help everyone to enjoy the beauty that Dorset has to offer.


How can you help us?

Use the bins provided to dispose of your litter. If the public bins are full, please take it home with you.

Our councils deal with litter in a number of ways to keep Dorset a pleasant place that everyone can enjoy. This includes public litter bins and regular street cleaning services for highways, public footways and other public areas.

Public litter bins are provided throughout the county for everyone to use.

Street cleaning services for highways, public footways, pedestrian areas, car parks and many public areas are also undertaken by our council partners.

The council’s clean and empty bins more often throughout the summer months, but bins get full quickly with more people visiting busy areas.

To report a full bin in Bournemouth, Christchurch or Poole please click here.

To report a full bin anywhere else in Dorset please click here.


There are some important things to avoid when you use a disposable BBQ.

  • Do not bury the BBQ in the sand and forget it. BBQs take several hours to cool down.
  • Never place the barbeque on anything flammable - the foil base gets very hot.
  • Don’t move the BBQ when it is still hot. Leave it to cool down completely, which may take several hours.
  • Make sure the BBQ has cooled down completely before placing it in a rubbish bin.
  • BBQ on even ground to avoid it tipping over.
  • Never use a BBQ indoors or inside a tent. The carbon monoxide that they produce can kill.

More information on safe use of disposable BBQs can be found here


Please do some research before you visit one of our many beautiful landmarks and beaches in Dorset. Parking has been causing many issues because of the increase in visitor numbers.

Check where the car parks are and find alternative parking in case it is full. You should park safely and in line with any parking restrictions – these are in place for your safety and the safety of others.


Find a local council car park in Bournemouth, Christchurch or Poole by clicking here.

Find a local council car park anywhere else in Dorset by clicking here


COVID-19 restrictions are slowly being relaxed, and you might be tempted to head to one of Dorset’s beauty spots or beaches. There are still some things to remember enjoy yourself safely.

Before you go:

  • Follow the Government advice at all times. Lockdown has been lifted, but we must still adhere to social distancing advice - it is there to protect us!
  • Talk to your children about social distancing. Make sure they know to stay 2 metres from other people.
  • Before you leave, check where the car parks are and plan alternative parking in case they are full.
  • Follow parking restrictions as these are in place for your safety and the safety of others.

While you are there:

  • Keep 2 metres apart from others. This still applies when visiting the beaches – even in the water.
  • If it isn’t possible to keep your distance, leave and come back another time.
  • Be sensible – don’t go too deep into the water and don’t push your limits. This will help the emergency services, which are already stretched.

When you are leaving:

  • Take home everything you brought with you, or dispose of it in the bins provided
  • If you see any rubbish, please put it in the bins and help keep Dorset beautiful!
  • Wash your hands and change your clothes when you get home. Make sure you wash anything you took with you as soon as possible.
Respect, Protect and Enjoy Dorset