Older Drivers Forum

Dorset Police is launching the ‘Older Drivers Forum’ which is designed to help keep older drivers on the road safely, for longer.

The forum has received public backing by Lord Julian Fellowes and is made up of experts in road safety from across Dorset, with representatives from emergency services, charities, local authorities and other specialists.

We will be offering training, advice and guidance for those motorists who are keen to continue driving safely and resources for those who feel that the time is right for them to ‘retire’ from getting behind the wheel.

The scheme aims to inform older drivers about the risks they face and ways to reduce them, help to identify when the time has come to retire from driving and offer relevant advice, give advice to family and friends and those within the medical profession.

Lord Julian Fellowes, who is backing the scheme said: “The Older Drivers’ Forum is about keeping people behind the wheel for as long as they can reasonably and safely be there. The moment we should consider retiring from driving comes to all of us and it must be reassuring to learn that there are now so many alternative methods of transport available, so many more choices in how we can get around than there used to be, and we can help with these.

I think it’s hard for children, but there does come a time when it is actually loving to persuade your parent that their driving career should be drawing to a close. They have to have the strength and the love to take that through.”

Police Constable Heidi Moxam, road casualty reduction officer for Dorset Police said: “In 2016, we had 125 collisions on Dorset roads where the driver was 70 years old or over, resulting in 217 casualties, including three who sadly lost their life.

“It is vital we invest resources in helping older drivers to be safe on the road and provide guidance and support to those who need to consider alternative methods of transport.

“An alternative to prosecution will also be available for low level offences where a bespoke set of circumstances suggest the driver needs further motoring and health assessments.”

PC Heidi Moxam with Lord Jullian Fellowes
PC Heidi Moxam with Lord Jullian Fellowes
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