Nothing better to do?

Haven't you got anything better to do Officer?

Our aim is to make the roads of Dorset safer. To achieve this we operate with many partners and use both enforcement and education. Many riders consider the enforcement of minor traffic legislation to be both a waste of time and a necessary irritation of riding in the UK. But few consider the risks involved when they change their machines or the equipment on them. Here we will try and enlighten you as to why traffic officers have both a duty and a need to enforce some of the more minor traffic laws.


Small number plates

The modern trend is for riders to cut down their number plates. Whilst trimming the edges might not seem to bad, reducing it to the size of a postage stamp is both illegal and stupid. Firstly your plate is a natural reflector. It is designed to reflect light and so maybe one of the main safety features on your bike. In reduced light or visibility it could save your life. Secondly if you have your bike stolen you're doing the thief’s job by making our job harder. Modern systems allow for number plates to be read. This has resulted in many stolen vehicles being recovered. The main thing to remember is that the smaller the plate the more we think you’ve got to hide. This will increase your chances of being stopped and possibly reported. If you're not sure what’s legal then follow this link to the DVLA for the all the facts.


Loud Cans

If your cans are not marked "Road Legal" or "For Road Use" then chances are that it's not legal in this country. If you know that it will fail an MOT, then you know you shouldn’t have it on your bike when out on the road. The main problem is the noise a group of riders can cause. To the untrained it can often sound as if bikers are racing through a quiet area. We often get complaints from residents about "gangs" of bikers charging through their village. This means a bad press for all bikers and more grief for riders with increased police enforcement being put into place. Its also a misnomer that a loud pipe could prevent an accident. More likely that the witnesses will report that they heard a bike racing. What does yours sound like at 20mph?


Tinted Visors

Whilst looking cool and maybe lulling you into a false sense that you are a riding god, tinted visors can be a real danger. Sadly we have documented cases where a rider has either lost their life or being seriously injured due to wearing a tinted visor. In the UK a road-legal visor will carry either a CE mark or be stamped as road -legal. These allow sufficient light through to ensure that you can see where you're going, handy really. Some may be marked for daytime use only. If you have one make sure that any trip you make is planned so that you will be home before it's dark. Whilst you will probably still see another vehicle with a tinted visor would it allow you to see a patch of oil in a shaded area? Or a change in the road conditions or direction? At 60mph you are travelling at 90 feet a second. Having an illegal tinted visor could just cause you to miss that one thing you didn’t plan for. It's too late once you’re on the deck.


Coloured Headlight Covers

The law is simple. It’s a white or amber light to the front and a red light to the rear. Nothing complex about that. That’s until you start changing this basic principle. To the average motorist a white light is coming towards them, a red light is going away. If you swap this round the average car driver won't realise what’s happened until you're three feet into their compartment, having just pulled out into your path. Again we have the proof that this happens. It's not just the police being a pain, it’s the police trying to prevent another death or serious injury. If you have a coloured lens cover then don’t expect us to be too happy. Sadly we’ve seen the results of confusion on the roads and will do anything to prevent you becoming just another statistic.

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