Is it any good?

The following are some of the comments we have had following the course.


"The scheme was a benefit to my safety and rider skills. I find that I now apply those skills to my day to day rides, no matter how long or short the journey".

John, 1000cc biking commuter


"An excellent course, well recommended".

Derek, Triumph 955I


"BikeSafe is the most fun you can have with your clothes on, I was taught new skills and visited some places I didn't know existed".

Lucinda, ZX-9R


"I enjoyed the day so much and learnt so many skills that I know it's made a difference to my riding. I feel more confident and safer than before. It was so good I've told my mates to sign up and get their riding assessed before it's too late. Track days are fine for track, but on the roads you can't beat these guys".

Andy, Fireblade rider and track day fan


"My name is Daniel and it's been nearly a year since I took my bike safe course and I still use the skills I learnt on that day. In fact it has saved my bacon on many occasions, in fact if I had still been riding the way I used to I think I would have been wiped out long ago".

Daniel, a young sports bike rider

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