Advantages of a BikeSafe Course

What can I gain from doing BikeSafe?

Many riders consider themselves to be superior. As good as their racing hero’s, they see on the tracks. But racing lines and riding are only good for one place. The track. Try to use racing lines and skills out on the roads and one day you’ll find out just how useless they are on the roads of Britain. BikeSafe is supported by many racing teams and top level bike racers. They recognise that their techniques are only good for the racetrack.

We will show you another way. The Advanced Riding Way. We will show you how you can ride in a safer, smoother and more controlled manner. Replace luck with skill and see what benefits can be gained from completing BikeSafe.

As well as improving your riding, becoming a safer and smoother rider, you will also develop better observation skills and road sense.

Once you’ve completed a BikeSafe course you could be eligible to reduced insurance costs and savings on a range of biking accessories, parts and services.

The BikeSafe scheme is so good, even the White Helmets display team can see the benefits of BikeSafe.

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