BikeSafe Dorset Course

Hello and welcome to BikeSafe

I’m pleased you have taken the time to find out more about BikeSafe. Firstly it shows that you have a love of motorcycling like us and secondly it shows that you are keen to improve your riding skills and become a safer rider. As a serving traffic patrol officer, family liasion officer and police motorcycle instructor I see all too often the results of poor riding and driving. Many accidents that occur on our roads could have been avoided if the parties involved had given their riding/driving the attention it deserves.

All riders can improve their skills. Police riders such as myself continually enhance our riding through experience and continual training. Although this level of training is not available to the private rider you can still increase your skills and enhance your safety by riding defensively. BikeSafe allows the private rider to have their riding assessed by a police Advanced Motorcyclist. They will then be debriefed and any serious weaknesses highlighted. We cannot offer the same levels of training that we enjoy, that would take weeks. But we can however give you an insight into advanced motorcycling and hopefully make you a safer rider. Many riders that start with BikeSafe go on and complete further advanced rider training with groups such as the IAM and RoSPA.

Along with my normal duties, I am one of a small number of family liaison officers within the Road Policing Unit of Dorset Police. It is our task to attend all fatal accidents in Dorset and then to trace the next of kin of the victim. Sadly we are the ones who have to knock on the door at any hour to inform a family that their loved one has been killed. I have seen at first hand the devastation and pain that these untimely and violent deaths can cause a family, especially to those with young children. It is unfair to blame all riders for all the accidents that involve motorbikes. But sadly many riders are responsible for their own downfall.

If you’ve come this far then take the next step and sign up for BikeSafe. A few hours spent now could make all the difference later. You’ll find that we are all bikers just like you with a similar love of riding and bikes. Many of us are well travelled riders, having toured throughout the UK and abroad.

Although we will be looking at your machines to ensure that they are road legal and safe this is about your riding attitude and safety. I hope to see you soon on one of our courses, rather than having to meet your family when I next make that call at a door. As you can see, racing lines and speeds are fine on the track, but madness on the road.

Take the plunge now, it's only a few hours but it could last you a lifetime.

Safe riding.

Chris Smith PC 1294
BikeSafe Dorset Co-ordinator

PC Chris Smith BikeSafe Dorset Co-ordinator
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