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Crowded Places

The threat the United Kingdom faces from international terrorism is a seamless one. It is no longer easily divided into foreign affairs, defence or domestic affairs. It is one where the capabilities of those who seek to attack the United Kingdom and its communities are significant and potentially increasing.

The Government has divided the CONTEST strategy into four principal strands: Prevent, Pursue, Protect and Prepare and set up programmes and plans to give these effect. The work of NaCTSO is primarily concerned with the Protect and Prepare strands of this strategy.

The Protect strand is concerned with reducing the vulnerability of the UK and UK interests overseas to a terrorist attack. This covers a range of issues including:

  • crowded places; protecting people going about their daily lives.

The crowded places work focuses on enhancing the protective security advice available to those who own or operate venues or places that may be more vulnerable to attack. The whole community has a part to play in devising and implementing measures that are dynamic, flexible, agile and adaptive. In drawing up advice, we will always seek the input of those who know most about their areas of responsibility. 

In support of the crowded places work, NaCTSO has also developed and published specific guides which are available to download from their website for: