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TextSafe - support for missing people

When someone goes missing, it’s important that they feel supported and empowered to make informed decisions about their next steps.

TextSafe is a service provided by the Missing People charity. It gives people a range of ways to access support during a worrying and scary time.

When someone is reported as missing, Dorset Police will contact Missing People who will automatically send a free text message to the individual, offering their support through its confidential 116 000 number.

By informing a missing person of the charity’s services, they can choose to make contact with us and access a range of options, including other ways to connect with the police, ambulance and social services. This offer of help lets them know that there are professional people who care about their welfare and want to help them.

The text is sent by Missing People rather than the police. This means that those who might be hesitant to contact us still have access to vital assistance. We hope that as a result of getting in contact with Missing People, the individual can make the decision to contact the police, their family or another source of support.

We care about our community and TextSafe plays a crucial safeguarding role for missing people. It can help to reduce the number of times and for how long people go missing, allowing us to provide an outstanding service to families and individuals when they are at their most vulnerable.