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Disability Hate Crime

Dorset Police is concerned about disability hate crime and we are working with victims to identify how we can improve our response to disability hate crimes and incidents.

Disability hate crime has a profound effect on disabled people’s lives and we need to acknowledge that any failure to recognise, record and investigate appropriately can have a detrimental effect on any victim.

To truly tackle disability hate crime there needs to be an increase in the number of crimes and incidents that are reported. 

Only by understanding disability can we begin to gain the confidence of victims to report to us.  Disability is wide ranging and is often ‘hidden’ particularly for those with autism, learning disabilities, learning difficulties and mental health, as well as those with physical disabilities and sensory disabilities.

Disability hate crime is not anti-social behaviour and we need to make sure we identify and record it for what it is.

For those with a disability there are a number of ways you can report to us which are designed to take account of your needs.  For more information please call 101 or use the non-emergency text service for those who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired 07766 425243 or visit the hate crime section of the website.