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Raj's Story

When Raj started to feel attracted to men, it seemed as though there was no-one he could talk to.

"Mum’s always too busy with work and dad would kill me if he found out."

He went on Facebook and met Mike, a 20-year-old university student.

“Mike’s seven years older but I can talk to him about anything. We’ve got loads in common.”

After weeks of chatting online, Mike told Raj he was falling for him and said he’d like Raj to be his boyfriend.

“Even though we’ve not actually met, he says he really likes me so I said yes. I’d always wanted a boyfriend.”

The conversation turned to sex and Mike said he’d love it if Raj sent him a naked picture. Raj sent several pictures.

One morning Mike asked Raj if later that evening he’d use the webcam.

“I wasn’t sure because he said his webcam wasn’t working. But I didn't want to upset him.”

When Raj hesitated, Mike told him that if he didn’t do as he said, he’d send the naked pictures of Raj to Raj’s family and friends.

Raj didn’t want to use the webcam but didn’t want his parents finding out.

He felt so sick that he couldn’t face going back home after school.

When the police found him, Raj couldn’t talk about what happened because he didn’t think the police would understand.

The police woman talked about her work as a Lesbian and Gay Liaison Officer. She then asked Raj if he was OK and Raj told her about Mike and the photos and webcam.

The police investigated and a man living nearby was arrested.

"I was worried about what would happen but the police helped me make a statement.

"They put me in touch with a local group for gay and lesbian kids who gave me the confidence to talk to my parents.

"Ok, dad’s not great with it he says I’m still his son and he loves me no matter what."


Raj's story is a fictional account based on the experiences of children in the UK who have been the victims of sexual exploitation.

Raj's story