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Beth's Story

Beth met Gary at the park while she and her mates were bunking off lessons.

“He’s not like the guys at school. He’s got a car and his own place.”

Beth and Gary started hanging out, having sex and doing drugs together.

Gary told Beth she could earn some cash carrying drugs for him and wouldn’t have to go to school anymore.

One morning the police raided Gary’s flat and found them in bed together.

They found some coke in the pocket of her jeans and she was arrested.

When she and Gary got out, he told her she’d have to start getting her mates to carry drugs for him as well.

“I said no and he punched me. Really hard. It scared the hell out of me. He told me I didn’t have a choice.

"We had sex afterwards even though I told him I didn't want to.”

Leaving Gary’s flat one evening, Beth was stopped by the police.

They found 17 wraps of heroin on her and she was arrested again for possession.

A policeman noticed a bruise on Beth’s arm and asked her if she was OK.

Beth started crying but didn’t tell the police what had happened because she was scared of Gary.

The policeman gave Beth his contact details and told her to call or text if she ever felt like chatting.

A month later, Beth made the call and told the police what Gary had done.

Gary was arrested and later jailed for drug dealing as well as the physical and sexual assaults on Beth.

“I got a caution for the possession, but I’ve started meeting up with a youth worker who’s helping me get me back on track.

“I guess I didn’t realise Gary was using me to carry his drugs. I made myself believe he loved me, even when he was hurting me.

“I’m going to college next September and one day I’m gonna be a photographer.”


Beth's story is a fictional account based on the experiences of children in the UK who have been the victims of sexual exploitation.

Beth's story