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Welcome to the Dorset Police

Assessment Centre - Email Test

You will now be tested on your ability to respond to an email from a member of the public which you have received as an email operator. You will have 20 minutes to complete all three scenarios / emails.

Your task will involve responding to the member of the public and ensuring that your response contains all the required information.

  • Scenarios 1 - Abandoned Vehicle
  • Scenarios 2 - Email Scam
  • Scenarios 3 - Unwanted Telephone Call

Please ensure that you check your email before sending it. You will be scored on accuracy, clarity and the structure of your email. As an email operator you are representing Dorset Police and as such must demonstrate the high standards we uphold.

Once you have sent your email - you will be unable to make any changes.

Please ensure that you complete the "Data Consent", "Candidate Name" and "Session" box for every scenario.