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Report vehicles with no valid MOT or Insurance

Please use the form to report vehicles in Dorset with no valid MOT or insurance.

If you wish to report a vehicle from outside of Dorset, please go to the website of the most appropriate local police force.

Untaxed Vehicles should be reported to the DVLA via their website.

You will need to supply as much information as possible to enable us to help you.

Your completed form will be forwarded to Dorset Road Safe for processing. Any information you provide will be used to build an intelligence picture and any required action taken.

Prior to submitting this online form you MUST check that a vehicle does NOT have a valid MOT.

To check if a vehicle is taxed and has a valid MOT please go to the Gov uk site

If the vehicle is being driven NOW please call 101

Please complete the below

Your details
Including title (eg - Mrs, Mr, Ms, Miss, Dr)
Your address
House name/number street name
Your contact information
Information on the vehicle with no valid MOT or Insurance

and finally, confirm and send

Please tick all that apply