Inappropriate 999 calls


Throughout December, Dorset Police are running a campaign to help manage demand on their contact centre during the festive season.

Every Christmas and New Year, calls to 999 increase and whilst a lot are genuine emergencies, many are not. Already this year the force has seen a 14% increase in 999 calls compared to last year, and it is expected this continued increase will be seen over the festive period.

As part of the campaign, we have created a series of funny videos to accompany real recordings of inappropriate calls to the emergency 999 number.

Examples of when not to ring 999


The first video illustrates a man calling because his bank card has been swallowed by a cashpoint.

This was not an emergency.

Three further videos will be released during the coming weeks:

  • #999WhatNumber
  • #999OrangeHair
  • #999BaconSandwich

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For more information about what is an emergency and how to contact the police in an emergency visit our Emergencies999 page.

For more information about when and how to contact the police in a non-emergency visit our Contact page.