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Full Crime Report

The Report a crime form will allow you to fully report a crime online.

It will take approximately 20 minutes, depending on the information you provide.

It uses a national set of questions as required to populate the crime details. As such there is quite a lot of questions, please try and fill in all sections and questions with as much information as possible, as it allows for the details to be submitted and minimal calls back to clarify information.

Please note: depending on how you answer some of the questions in the forms, you may still be directed to call 101 or 999. For example if the suspect is still there, if the incident is happening now, or if a person or their property is in immediate risk. 

Report something else
If you would like to tell us about something which isn't a crime, or a suspicious incident, you can use this general incident reporting form. This allows you to tell us in as much detail as possible about something you feel we should be aware of.
Report a crime online
Continue to report a crime online

To find out what we do with the information we collect from these forms please visit GDPR form responses.