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Contact the Police & Crime Commissioner

From 22 November 2012 Martyn Underhill, became the directly elected Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset, replaced the Dorset Police Authority as the body charged with providing local oversight and scrutiny of Dorset Police. He was re-elected on 5 May 2016 for a second term, receiving 66,660 votes.

The overarching role of the PCC is to cut crime and to deliver an effective and efficient police service. They do this by holding the Chief Constable and the Force to account on behalf of local people.

The PCC is supported in undertaking these duties by staff in the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC).

A Police and Crime Panel, consisting of local councillors and independent representatives has the principle role of providing a 'check and balance' to the role of the PCC and to support the Commissioner in the undertaking of their duties.

To find out more about the Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner or to make contact with him, please visit the PCC website.  

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