Community involvement

Community involvement (or resilience) is about empowering individuals, businesses and community groups to:

  • take collective action to both increase their own resilience and that of others
  • come together to identify and support vulnerable individuals
  • take responsibility for the promotion of individual and business resilience

Supporting Communities is a key strategic objective agreed by the Dorset Local Resilience Forum Executive Group and is included as part of the Dorset LRF Business Plan 2016-2019.

The Dorset Community Resilience Group is responsible for overseeing the work supporting individuals, businesses and community groups and the Terms of Reference for this group can be found here.

Within Dorset a number of voluntary organisations offer suport in times of need, this is in addition to the emergency services attending incidents.  You can learn more about those voluntary organisations by clicking here.


Dorset is the host to a large number of events across the year, if you are already an event organiser, or are thinking of holding an event in Dorset,  you can visit the below pages (opens in new window) for the 3 local authority areas in Dorset (Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset county area).

Public events planning Dorset county area

Events and filming in Bournemouth Borough Council area

Organise an Outdoor event in the Borough of Poole area

Flood Warden Newsletter Spring 2017/18
The Flood Warden scheme in Dorset continues to develop well, working in partnership with the Environment Agency.
Keeping vulnerable people safe when electricity, gas or water supply fails
Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks, Western Power Distribution, Bournemouth Water, South West Water and Wessex Water all have priority registers for vulnerable people.
Dorset Local Search and Rescue Commitee
This link will tell you more about search and rescue organisations in Dorset.
Tools and templates
This section will link to documents that are available for community groups to use.
Upcoming events
We are in the process of developing our Community Resilience Strategy up until 2021. So watch this space!
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