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BSL - Hate Crime


What are they?

Hate crimes and incidents are where you or someone else have been targeted because they or you are believed to be different. They could also be any incidents you believe were motivated by feelings about:

  • race
  • religion
  • homophobia
  • transphobia
  • disability
  • age

Incidents may involve verbal abuse, harassment, attacks, damage to your property, bullying or graffiti.


How to report Hate Incidents and Crimes

There are a number of ways to report Hate Crimes:

  • Phone Dorset Police - reporting such incidents, even anonymously, will help us to identify the issues in the community. 
  • Internet Reporting– report incidents of hate crime on line via our crime reporting form.
  • Other reporting centres -   Dorset Police is working with the local authorities, partner agencies and voluntary services to provide drop in centres with trained members of staff who can help take reports on hate crimes and incidents.  They can also report the incident on your behalf and provide you with advice and support.