6.40 AM Sunday 29 May 2016

Staff Development

The police service is witnessing changes in its approach to staff appraisal, training and assessment, moving towards competence-based assessment systems.

Dorset police is pioneering this change. Since 1998, we have been an established NVQ Centre with the Oxford Cambridge & RSA Examinations Board (OCR) and currently offer the Learning & Development suite of NVQs.

NVQs are not training programmes, though the nature of them clearly involves staff development. NVQs are an assessment tool designed to assess an individual's competence to perform a job role. Assessment is against standards that have been written by industry-lead bodies, now called National Training Organisations (NTO) or Sector Skills Councils (SSC).

The Police Skills and Standards Organisation (PSSO) has developed National Occupational Standards for the police service and we are progressing ways to implement these for the benefit of all staff and to improve the performance of Dorset Police.

Role profiles have been developed by the PSSO and included in the National Competency Framework that has been adapted in Dorset for appraisal, promotion and selection procedures. For support staff, identification of a skills gap can lead to programmes of development under the Admit Scheme - actively developing staff to fill that skills gap.