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Driver Awareness Scheme

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Since it began in 2005, the Driver Awareness Scheme (DAS) has continued to grow successfully and now educates in excess of 20,000 drivers each year. 

Participants on the course are people who have been detected committing a road traffic offence on Dorset’s roads.

Education is a key part of the work of Dorset Police to ensure drivers are safer on the roads and the DAS course offers participants a whole host of information and advice about safer driving.

As well as examining the consequences of excess and inappropriate speed, using a mobile phone whilst driving or red light offences the course also provides an opportunity for drivers to refresh their observation and hazard perception skills.

Aim: To create safer, more responsible and considerate road users that will contribute to reducing risks.

Objectives: By the end of the course drivers should be able to:

  • Identify where they are most at risk on the road and why.
  • Give examples of what influences driver attitude.
  • Explain the consequences of their actions on the road.
  • Use strategies for coping with issues related to the above and how to manage distractions.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the correct use of space for a variety of hazards.
  • Recognise absolute personal responsibility for road safety.


The DAS course is classroom-based and is delivered by trained driving instructors and road safety professionals and uses a range of interactive techniques to ensure the course is engaging for participants.

Taking part in the Driver Awareness Scheme

If you are eligible to take part in the Driver Awareness Scheme then you will be contacted by the administration team.

If you are eligible to take part, you will not be required to pay a fine or receive penalty points. However, if offered the course you will be required to pay a fee for attendance and must respond to the offer within the stipulated timescale.

Named drivers are only permitted to attend one Driver Awareness course within a three year period. If a driver subsequently commits a further offence in a three year period, then that offence will be dealt with via the fixed penalty process (fine and penalty points).  This amendment was made to ensure that Dorset Police’s policies are in line with the National requirement.

If an individual fails to attend the course or is unable to satisfy the course conditions, then the offence will be referred to the Dorset Police Central Ticket Office and fixed penalty conditions will apply.

The DAS course is also open to participants who haven’t received a fixed penalty notice but are keen to improve their driver education. If you’d like to come along and benefit from the expert tuition and advice then contact the DAS admin office, on 01305 227670, to find out more and book your place. Courses are available to attend County wide and last for three hours.

The Education team also provides business driver education and can visit individual organisations to deliver expert advice to drivers. To find out more, contact 01305 227670.


ArrowRead more information about the Driver Awareness Scheme on the Dorset Road Safe website by following this link >


Driver Awareness Scheme (DAS) Speed Thresholds

The table below sets out the speed thresholds at which you may be offered a place on the Driver Awareness Scheme (DAS).

Please note that the offer of a DAS course is a decision made by the DAS office on behalf of Dorset Police. Further details can be found in the DAS Terms and Conditions by following this link >


Speed Limit Threshold for DAS
30 36mph - 42mph
40 47mph - 53mph
50 58mph - 64mph
60 69mph - 75mph
70 80mph - 86mph


Red Light Offences

Seconds Into red Process
1 to 1.9 seconds DAS
2 to 2.9 seconds Fixed Penalty Notice
Above 3 seconds Court Hearing


Other offences which may be recommended for the Driver Awareness Scheme are listed below:

Using a Mobile Phone while driving
Driving a vehicle while not in proper control
Driving a vehicle without proper view
Exceeding a temporary speed restriction
Exceeding a Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) speed restriction
Exceeding a Passenger Carrying Vehicles (PCV) 50mph speed limit
Exceeding a speed limit in an LGV/PCV
Contravening a Red Traffic sign at a junction
Contravening a stop/give way sign (Major Road Only)
Contravening Double White Lines
Contravening an Auto Level Crossing
Contravening a Red Traffic Sign at a level crossing
Contravening a Red Traffic Sign at road works
Contravening a traffic sign
Stopping within the approach to a Zebra/Pelican/Puffin crossing
Stopping within the limits of a Zebra/Pelican/Puffin crossing
Failing to accord precedent to a pedestrian at a crossing
Failing to comply with a red signal at a Pelican crossing
Overtaking a moving/stationary vehicle at a crossing