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General Aviation Reporting

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This page contains information for the operators and pilots of general aviation aircraft who intend to travel to or from the UK.

We use the term 'general aviation' to describe international and Channel Islands traffic which travels to or from the UK but does not operate to a specific and published schedule.

An operator or pilot of a general aviation aircraft is legally required to provide notification of flights if they are making an international or Channel Islands journey to or from the UK, unless they are travelling directly from the UK to a destination in the European Union.

Even if operators and pilots are not required to provide notification of a flight, it is helpful if they do provide this notification.

To provide notification of flights, operators and pilots must complete a General Aviation Report (GAR) form.

Pilots should always file the GAR form electronically. This arrives at the Police and Border Force instantly, with no need to separately send the form to different destinations. It reduces the need for the Border Force to re-key the information and removes the risk of mistakes. A receipt number is all the pilot needs to prove they have fulfilled their legal obligation.

Please note: If you have not got a GARID/receipt then you have not submitted online properly. Fax and Email GAR forms should only be sent as a backup for when a pilot is unable to file electronically.

Pilots can submit GAR forms for free from http://www.aopa.co.uk/. Alternatively a commercial version which allows recalling of regularly used information, and mobile apps, is available from http://www.onlinegar.com/.

The requirement to provide notification is made under:

  • Section 35 of the Customs & Excise Management Act 1979
  • Section 27 of Schedule 2 of the Immigration Act 1971
  • TACT 2000


What is Project Pegasus?

Project Pegasus logoProject Pegasus, through the provision of a central phone number at Dorset Police, provides a mechanism for the reporting of unusual activity or behaviour within the aviation environment, believed or suspected to be linked to acts of crime or preparatory acts of terrorism.

Project Pegasus provides for the collation and assessment of all information and intelligence relating to such suspicious activity or behaviour in circumstances that could be linked to criminal or terrorist activity or acts of a preparatory nature. It allows for the appropriate deployment of assets and resources from Dorset Police and its partner agencies in response to a potential or defined threat.

Project Pegasus' activities in the Aviation environment include:

  • Targeting organised crime in the airstream
  • Deterring acts of terrorism
  • Maintaining a community policing presence
  • Providing the first response to acts of terrorism and emergency incidents
  • Collecting and analysing aviation intelligence
  • Conducting investigations


So, whenever you see any activity or behaviour that you feel is suspicious, call the central number 101.




How can you help?

As a pilot owner - by being aware of your responsibilities and complying with them and by being vigilant and notifying us of anything suspicious

Oscar 99 dorset policeSuspicious Airport Behaviour

Contact the police immediately if you find:

  • Evidence of unauthorised activity at your airstrip e.g. fresh tyre marks.
  • Packages being transferred from an aircraft to a vehicle in unusual locations such as a remote part of an airfield.
  • Activity or sightings of aircraft at night or unused airstrips.
  • Strangers trying to hire your aircraft - or those belonging to other club members.
  • Strangers using, or seeking permission to use, your airstrip.
  • Evidence of adaptation of aircraft for concealment purposes.


If you notice anything suspicious or unusual:

  • Never involve yourself.
  • Never touch any suspicious packages.
  • Make a note of any registration numbers, markings or descriptions.


If you have any information or concerns, regarding the above, about your homeport or visiting port, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dept F,
Poole Police Station,
Wimborne Road,

BH15 2BP

Tel: 01202 229303
Email: spu@dorset.pnn.police.uk


Updated: 7 May 2014.