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Police Registration Scheme

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Citizens of the following countries who are admitted to the United Kingdom (UK) may be required to register with the police:

  • IRAN  ;  ISRAEL  ;  IRAQ
  • OMAN


STATELESS persons are also subject of the Police Registration Scheme.

Entry Clearance officers and Immigrations Officers can in certain circumstances impose the requirement to register on nationals of countries not listed above.

If the following is written on the visa in your passport or on the reverse of your Biometric Residence Permit:

  • "Police Registration within 7 days of arrival”  OR
  • "Register at once with the police"


you should register either within 7 days of arriving in the United Kingdom or within 7 days of receiving your visa extension from the Home Office.

How can I contact the Foreign Nationals Registration Office ?

Foreign Nationals Registration Office,
Police Station
Madeira Road
Bournemouth BH1 1QQ

Telephone: 01202 220693

Open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, from 09.30 to 12 noon on each of these days.

Any changes to the above normal opening times will be shown clearly in advance on this website.

The office will be closed on ALL Public Holidays.


If you are travelling some distance or taking time off work to attend the office it will be best to ring in advance to ensure the office has not had to close due to staff sickness.

If you are registering for the first time, you will be required to return by appointment in order to complete the process and collect your registration certificate. This appointment will be outside the general opening hours of the office and hopefully a time to suit you can be agreed.


Is every foreign national required to register with the police when residing in the United Kingdom?

Only those foreign nationals aged 16 or over and mainly from the countries listed above are required to register with the police whilst residing in the UK. However, depending on circumstances, some people from these countries do not have to register. You can tell by looking at the wording on your visa in your passport - if it says 'Register with the police', you will need to do so. If you are from one of the countries in the list above and are not sure if you have to register with the police, please contact the Foreign Nationals Registration Office.


Is it possible to register for the first time or report changes at any police station?

No. If you live outside the Bournemouth, Christchurch or Poole area, please contact the Foreign Nationals Registration Office by phoning 01202 220693 to arrange an appointment at the Bournemouth office.


Do I need an appointment to register?

You can attend for registration at the Foreign Nationals Registration Office at any time during the opening times.


What do I need to bring with me to register with the police for the first time?

To register with the police you are required to bring with you the following items:

  • Your passport. 
  • Your Biometric Residence Permit (If issued)
  • Two recent passport size photographs. 
  • Registration fee of £34.00 (Method of acceptable payment differs at each police station. Please see the separate question on payments received). 
  • If you are a student, you must bring your university/college offer letter with details of your studies or a student card.
  • If an organisation or company is sponsoring your studies, you should bring a letter from the organisation to confirm this.
  • If you are employed in the United Kingdom you must bring your work permit and details of your employers.



How can I make the payment of £34

CASH ONLY at the Foreign Nationals Registration Office at Bournemouth Police Station.



Will the registration certificate be available for collection the same day?

At the Foreign Nationals Registration Office registration certificates are usually ready for collection later that day however when we are busy we will give you an appointment later in the week.



Is it possible to register at the university/college I am studying at?

At this time there is no arrangement. Foreign Nationals must attend the police station.


If I change any of the details that are on my registration certificate, do I have to report these changes to the police?

Yes. After registering you must comply with the rules on the reverse of the certificate and any changes, including a change of address must be reported within 7 days at the Foreign Nationals Registration Office.

The Rules of the Police Registration Scheme require you to report changes as follows:-

  • New address 
  • Any new landing conditions 
  • Extensions to your visa granted by the Home Office 
  • New passport 
  • New study information or change to university/college
  • New employment
  • Change of marital status
  • Exemption from Police Registration
  • Change of Nationality


Any changes should be reported within 7 days.



When will my registration certificate expire?

Your registration certificate will expire if you are out of the United Kingdom for a continuous period of more than 1 year.


If I go to live in another city in the United Kingdom what should I do?

You must report to the local police station in the new town within 7 days. Take your police registration certificate, passport and evidence of your new school, university, work permit or employers details. If you have not been out of the UK as above there will be no charge and you continue to use the same certificate.


Will I be prosecuted if I do not report any changes to my registration?

You will be prosecuted if you do not report changes to the details on your registration certificate or do not keep to your visa requirements. This could result in either a fine of up to £5000 and/or 6 months imprisonment.


What do I do when I am leaving the United Kingdom and plan not to return?

Before leaving the United Kingdom, you are required to return your registration certificate to the Foreign Nationals Registration Office in Dorset, explaining that you are leaving the UK and giving the date of your departure.


What if I am going on holiday out of the United Kingdom: do I return my registration certificate?

No, if you are leaving the UK for a short holiday you should keep your certificate with you.


If I lose my registration certificate or damage it, do I have to pay for another?

Yes, if you have lost your registration certificate, you must report the loss to your local police station and then attend at the Foreign Nationals Registration Office with your passport and registration fee of £34 to obtain a replacement. If it is damaged you must hand it in and you will also pay £34 for a replacement.


And if my registration certificate is stolen?

If your registration certificate has been stolen, you must report the theft to your local police station and you are then given a Crime Report Reference number. On receipt of this number you must attend at the Foreign Nationals Registration Office. You will also have to pay a replacement fee of £34.


I am immigrating to another country and require a Subject Access Report; do I contact the foreign Nationals Registration Office?

No, if you are immigrating or require this type of clearance you must contact the following department:

Disclosure Unit
Dorset Police Headquarters

Telephone number: 01202 or 01305 223536

You can  download the Subject Access Report form here.



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