3.36 AM Thursday 26 May 2016

Bail Conditions

Police bail

Police bail can be granted to someone who has been arrested, to allow police to carry out further enquiries into the case before making a final decision on whether or not to prosecute. The accused will have been interviewed and as they are released from custody, issued with a form stating when and where they must return to answer their bail.

Police to court bail

This means that someone has been charged with an offence by the police and released on bail with or without conditions, to appear at court at a later date.

Conditions can be imposed by the police to people on police bail eg not to contact a particular named person. To seek any change to those conditions, the accused must apply in person to any custody sergeant at the station from which they were bailed. They may or may not be accompanied by their solicitor.

To vary any conditions the accused must either apply to the custody of the police station from which they were bailed or apply direct to the court to which they have been bailed.

Note: the court date cannot be changed.

Court to court bail

This means that someone made an appearance at court and has been bailed by that court to reappear at a later date.

To vary any conditions that have been ordered, the accused must approach the court, usually through their solicitor. The police cannot vary conditions set by the court.