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Wareham Town & West Safer Neighbourhood Team

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Contact the Team

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Call us at Dorset Police on: 101

Please only use the number above for non-emergency calls. If a crime is in progress or life is in danger, please dial 999.

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Current PACT Priorities

You are telling us that the following issues are priorities in your area:

PRIORITY  (October 2014)

1 - Anti-social behaviour problems

Local residents and other agencies had identified that there was a significant problem with anti-social behaviour in certain areas across Wareham West and Wareham Town SNTs. Anti-social behaviour is taken very seriously by the police as we know how detrimental and damaging it can be to people’s lives. Anti-social behaviour can be experienced in many ways. We deal with each issue as thoroughly as possible and work closely with those affected to find out the best way to deal with the problem. We have dealt with many types of ASB including noisy mopeds being driven up and down the road, youths being rowdy and disrespectful to their neighbours, damage being caused, littering, underage drinking and so on. The SNT work closely with Purbeck District Council, with the local schools, with youth workers, Social Services and other agencies such as YISP (Youth Inclusion Support Panel) and Dorset Family Matters. We have had some positive outcomes as a result of our multi-agency approach towards dealing with some of our problematic offenders. Work continues in this area and is a main focus for our SNT.

2 - Reducing acquisitive crime

We are always trying to raise awareness of shed and garage breaks, especially in our more rural locations. Whilst Purbeck is still a safe place in which to live, this type of crime can be distressing and cause significance inconvenience to victims. Work continues to identify any patterns and trends, to try and identify who is responsible and for those offenders to be positively dealt with. SNTs are also hugely committed in preventing people from becoming a victim of crime. We offer a range of crime prevention advice and often visit people’s homes or small holdings (for example) in order to show them what they can do to protect their property. The best method you can use to protect your home is by installing a burglar alarm which covers upstairs and downstairs. Please do not leave items of value in sheds and be extra cautious about storing expensive bikes or lawn mowers for example in garages which are not suitably alarmed. If your shed is near to your property, it might be a good idea to buy a shed alarm which are easy to install and only cost around £10. Please use the ‘contact your Safer Neighbourhood Team’ link if you wish to speak to one of the team regarding crime prevention or call 101.

3 - Isolated Car Parks - Thefts from motor vehicles

This is the time of year when we receive more reports of vehicle crime, in particular when valuable items are left on display or in the boot of parked vehicles left in isolated car parks, woodland car parks, beauty spots and so on. We reiterate this all of the time, but please do not leave your valuables in your cars, not even hidden in the boot or in the glove box. Some criminals will watch you hide your items and will then smash the window in order to steal them when you are have left the area. You can download our ‘no valuables left in here’ leaflet and double check before you walk away that nothing has been left behind.
We are also asking for the public to assist us and be our ‘eyes and ears’ when you are out and about. If you see anyone acting suspiciously or if you see any suspicious vehicles then please report it at the time, by calling 101 and, if possible, give us a registration if it is safe to do so. We ask that the call is made at the time so that we can have more chance of stopping the vehicle/person to ask them what they are doing.


Purbeck has seen a general increase in thefts from motor vehicles and burglaries to garages and sheds.  The levels however remain extremely low and Purbeck remains a safe area to reside.

Please help us to help you, and take time to look at the Dorset Police Crime Prevention Portal. Here you can find information and posters around general crime reduction, and vehicle crime.

A “No valuables left in here” leaflet can be downloaded and printed by following this link (140kb PDF) >


Report itFollow this link to tell us what issues are a priority in your area >

You said ... We didFollow this link to read about actions taken to tackle previous PACT priorities >


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Meet the Team

Meet the team and members of your PACT Panel to raise local issues at the following events.

3 November 2014, 11am - 12 noon Meet The Team Wareham Library
18 November 2014, 10am - 12 noon Meet The Team Sainsbury’s Car park, Wareham


To find out more about the various forms of meetings your PACT Panel hold, please follow this link >


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