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Poole Town & Oakdale Safer Neighbourhood Team

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Your local officers

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PS 1317
Ray Willmore
PC 2259
Adam Brooks

Poole Town
PCSO 5444
Oliver Duell

Poole Town
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Jo Howard
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PCSO 5978
Ellie Katon
PCSO 8152
Scott Kishere
Poole Town
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Stuart Newman
Poole Town
PCSO 5481
Annabel Scoats
Poole Town
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PCSO 5121
Steve Spooner
PC 2689
Simon Young


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Safer Poole - Safer NeighbourhoodsContact the Team

Contact Poole Town & Oakdale Safer Neighbourhood Team and raise your issues >

Call us at Dorset Police on: 101

Please only use the number above for non-emergency calls. If a crime is in progress or life is in danger, please dial 999. 


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Current Priorities

You are telling us that the following issues are a priority in your area:

PRIORITY - agreed by the panel at a meeting in May. To be reviewed in September.

You are saying ... ASB at Poole Bus Station.

  • Poole Bus & Coach Station is a large terminal located alongside the Dolphin Shopping Centre in Poole town. The station services local bus and national bus and coach routes.  The bus station is close to the national rail network station for Poole. The bus station is a well used facility throughout the day and night. The station also has a number of shops and food outlets, including Subway and KFC. There are toilets and benches and a large canopy making it an environment attractive for groups to congregate within. User satisfaction is low. The physical environment, lighting, noise and congestion have all been noted as being a cause for unease with users. Groups of youths loitering in the area can also be perceived as intimidating, adding to the general feeling of being unsafe.

    Issues about the station reported to the SNT through face to face include:
    Smoking - the canopy acts as a partial roof for the purpose of the Health Act, which prohibits public smoking, but some users defy the signs in place.
  • Cycling - a public safety issue - cycling is not permitted but some users defy the signs in place.
  • Drug dealing in the station, service road and toilets.
  • Personal theft and shoplifting
  • Assaults, fights and a variety of other ASB related incidents.

We are doing ... Intention - Reduce ASB and Crime in the Bus Station locality:

  • Increase patrol presence in the area with SNT, Specials and TP to prevent offences and reassure users.
  • Enforce/Prevent low level offending issues - smoking, cycling etc
  • Increase use of partner community service agencies in the area.
  • Improved interaction with local security teams
  • Plain clothes operartions and Stop&Search powers to deal with drug problems
  • Media campaign to include local facility users
  • Where possible consider environmental changes


ArrowMore information about Anti-Social Behaviour and how to tackle it >

2. Street drinking


3. Thefts from vehicles and bicycle thefts

The SNT monitors crime records and intelligence on daily basis. It is noted that there has been an increase in theft from motor vehicles. Many offences are targeting vehicles for loose change as well as Sat Navs and tools – items that are easy to sell on for cash.

The SNT will gather intelligence about offenders to assist in catching those responsible. We will also raise awareness in local community areas where offences are happening or are likely to occur. This will be achieved through:

  • Community meetings & engagement
  • Ringmaster
  • NHW dissemination
  • Streetlamp triboards/banners/signs
  • Media alerts
  • Localised leaflet drops in hot spot areas


The SNT will also carry out targeted patrols, using crime mapping to determine where offences are occurring. The SNT also carries out follow-up visits to victims keep them up-to-date with the progress of the investigation. The team regularly reviews crimes to identify potentially vulnerable victims and make sure that their homes and any outbuildings are secured against further break-ins.

The SNT also uses Dorset Police's Community Messaging system to disseminate crime prevention advice and encourage victims to report crimes to the police.

A large number of the thefts reported to police in Poole this year were from vehicles that had been left insecure - either unlocked or with a window or sunroof left open.

Residents should always lock their vehicles, close the windows and sunroof and remove all valuables when they leave their vehicles unattended, for however short a period of time.


Report itFollow this link to tell us what issues are a priority in your area >

You said ... We didFollow this link  to see actions taken on previous priorities >


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Meet the Team

Meet the team and raise local issues at the following Safer Neighbourhood events.

First Saturday of the month, 10.30 - 11.30am Surgery* Oakdale Library
Last Friday of the month, 3pm - 5pm Surgery* Oakdale Library

(* Please note, the times of these events are subject to change and they may be cancelled at short notice due to other commitments.)

To find out more about the various forms of meetings your Safer Neighbourhood Panel hold, please follow this link >


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Poole Town & Oakdale Safer Neighbourhood Team Meeting minutes

Poole Town and Oakdale minutes November 2011 (85kb PDF) >


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