7.17 PM Thursday 26 May 2016

Victim Support Dorset

Who we are

Victims of Crime (129kb PDF) - Support and Advice in Dorset leaflet - Download PDF leaflet hereVictim Support is the independent national charity for people affected by crime. 

Our highly-trained staff and volunteers in the community give free and confidential emotional support, practical help and information to victims of crime, their family, friends and other people affected. Victims don’t have to report a crime to the police to get our help and can ask for support at any time, regardless of when the crime happened.

We have a network of offices right across England and Wales running and co-ordinating our local services. We also run the Witness Service in every criminal court to help those called as witnesses and our national victim Supportline gives immediate help over the phone and puts people in touch with our local teams. We are not a government agency or part of the police.  

As well as providing services, we campaign for greater awareness of the effects of crime and to increase the rights of victims and witnesses.


How to contact us

If you have been a victim of crime, please call our victim care team on  the National Supportline on 08 08 1689 111, or :


You can download the Victims of Crime - Support and Advice in Dorset leaflet by clicking here