1.29 PM Thursday 26 May 2016

The Team

Stay safe during the 2012 games

Dorset Police has a designated Community Engagement Team who are based in Portland.

The Team is working with partners to give you an understanding of how the games may affect you, your community or others.

The Team consists of:

Inspector Alan Jenkins - © Dorset Police All Rights Reserved Constable Chrissie Plumley - © Dorset Police All Rights Reserved
Alan Jenkins
Chrissie Plumley


The Team's Aims

  1. Assist the public in identifying any issues or concerns that may arise as a result of the 2012 Games.
  2. Allow any emerging safety and security issues to be identified and addressed early.
  3. Ensure a safe and secure games for all communities including international visitors.
  4. Ensure the Games is remembered as a sporting event not a security operation!


Follow us on Twitter

Twitter logoFollow us on the existing Dorset Police twitter account @dorsetpolice. We will post Olympic updates, details of public meetings and key information as well as the regular updates from Dorset Police.



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