7.54 AM Wednesday 03 September 2014

Police National Computer Intelligence and Input

Police National Computer and Intelligence InputThe Police National Computer (PNC) is an information system available to the police, and other relevant organisations throughout the country. It is a powerful tool for investigating crime and supporting operational policing. Staff operating within the Criminal Justice Division are responsible for the timely supply of information to this essential policing tool. 

Our PNC Intelligence Section and Bail Bureau update the PNC with details of all persons who are either:

  • Arrested
  • Issued with a penalty notice for disorder
  • Reported for a recordable offence 
  • Granted bail by the police
  • Granted bail by the courts with conditions attached

The results section update PNC with all the instances where a person has been arrested or reported for a recordable outcome, be that with a record of the final court decision or other non court finalisation.  

Our PNC Input Bureau helps police officers access the information they require, and among other duties, is the single point of contact for the registry of sex offenders, disqualified drivers and wanted or missing persons.

  •  In 2007, we recorded the arrest or report of nearly 23,000 persons on PNC and achieved an average of 88% of these within 24 hours of the event occurring