4.59 PM Tuesday 31 May 2016

Crime Prevention

Dorset Police has launched a new interactive web portal that provides a wealth of crime prevention advice and tips on areas such as protecting your home and property, securing your business and preventing rural crime.

Crime Prevention Portal logoThis Crime Prevention Portal has been produced to provide you with key information to help reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime.

Simply click on the relevant button below to view crime prevention advice and guidance for that area.

Please follow our advice to help keep yourself safe and to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of crime.

Protect Your Home - Advice on how to protect your home

Personal Safety - Advice for all ages on staying safe

Protect Your Property - Advice on how to keep your property safe

Secure Your Business - Advice for all businesses and organisations

Rural Crime - Advice for farmers and those living in more rural areas

Animals and wildlife - Information for Horse owners and contact information for animal and wildlife agencies


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In 1829 the opening speech made by the first Commissioner of Police included the comment that "The primary object of an efficient Police force is the prevention of crime, the next that of detection and punishment of offenders. To those ends all the efforts of the police must de directed. "

Dorset Police strives to continue that concept by working in partnership with the community to not only make Dorset  Safer, but also to make it feel Safer.

We place a great emphasis on trying to stop crime happening.

Crime Prevention starts at home and often it is not complicated. Many criminals are opportunists.

Take a look through the links above to see if you can take simple steps to prevent yourself becoming a victim.

Your local Safer Neighbourhood Teams are trained to give basic advice on protecting your home and property.

Dorset Police also employs specially trained Crime Prevention and Design Advisors who are more than willing to give advice and help. As well as their Training in Crime Prevention, the advisors are qualified Crime Prevention Design Advisors operating under the ACPO Secured By Design scheme. They are all Accredited Assessors under the BPA Safer Parking Scheme.

Working together in partnership, we can make positive steps to stop you becoming a victim of crime.