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British Sign Language (BSL)

British Sign Language (BSL) Used Here logoWe have a collection of videos available which provide some important information about Dorset Police communicated by British Sign Language.  You can view these videos by following this link >



Deaf, Hearing and Speech Impaired

Essential information for people who are deaf, hearing and/or speech impaired covering how to send messages to get help in an emergency. Follow this link for more information >


Download our flyer which provides details for the deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired on how to contact Dorset Police








Download our flyer which contains details on how the deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired can contact Dorset Police (256kb PDF) >




Translations available logoYou can translate any page on this website into any of the languages listed below with Google. 

Follow this link to translate our home page into the language of your choice.

Automatic translations are provided by Google. Please be aware that these translations may not accurately reflect the original meaning of the pages.

 العربية     中文    Polski    Português   Русский    Español    Türkçe    Việt


Language services offered by Dorset Police






Download our flyer which contains details on the services we can offer you if English isn't your first language (264kb PDF) >



Easy Read Documents

Easy Read Document logoWe have produced a range of documents in an Easy Read format. Follow this link to view the documents >





Download our Easy Read deatils of how you can contact Dorset Police






Download our Easy Read flyer on how you can contact Dorset Police when you need to report something (336kb PDF) >




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Access Keys

Access keys let you navigate around a website without using a mouse.  You may find them a convenient way to move round the site without having to move your mouse at all. The Dorset Police website uses these Access Keys >


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