3.10 AM Friday 27 May 2016

About Us

Our force is made up of departments and divisions with staff that are dedicated to making this county an even safer and better place to live and work.


  • This section of Dorset Police is comprised of a number of specialist departments and functions including Traffic Policing, Dog Patrol, Firearms Response, Air Operations and the Marine Section.
  • The department has the strategic aim of achieving a reduction in the number of collisions that result in death or serious injury in Dorset, through education and the use of enforcement methods.
  • Contact Management is at the very heart of the communication that takes place between Dorset Police and you, the public.Our aim is to provide excellent contact management, at the very first point of contact you have with us.
  • The Force Structure for Dorset Police, including biographies of the Chief Officers. Dorset Police is headed by Chief Constable Debbie Simpson
  • The Governance Department protects the staff, assets and reputation of the Authority and Force, by ensuring that our systems, processes, and procedures are robust and effective
  • The key aims of the division are the effective planning and delivery of the operational phase of force wide operations and the development of contingency plans for the County.
  • The Criminal Justice Division delivers all activities from the detention/prosecution of an offender through to judicial outcome and its recording, enforcement and archiving of associated case papers.
  • Headquarters CID Support provides advice to Chief Officers and Divisional Command Teams on all crime-related matters and assists Crime Managers, the Community Safety Department and the Criminal Justice Department.
  • Dorset Police’s Communications and Engagement Department aims to ensure that members of the public and employees are kept up-to-date with the very latest news, campaigns and developments within the Force
  • Part of this department's role is to be responsible for delivering the force’s procurement and contractual requirements in respect of goods, services and supplies.
  • Dorset Police Transport Department is committed to providing and managing vehicles and equipment that meet the operational needs of the Force. Key resource strategies are in place to ensure that the right people, equipment and vehicles
  • The Human Resources Department is concerned with all members of the Dorset Police – officers, support staff and special constables – and their relationship within the police service.
  • A significant role for the Professional Standards Department is to investigate complaints and misconduct allegations against Dorset Police staff thoroughly, efficiently, impartially and to the highest possible standard.
  • The Information Systems Department is responsible for delivering IT, radio and telephone solutions that enable all Force employees to be more effective in their role as they work to achieve our Force priorities.
  • Finance’s purpose is to support and underpin operational policing. Its purpose is to ensure that financial resources and operational strategies are matched, and that staff and suppliers are correctly paid.
  • The purpose of Estates & Building Services Department is to ensure the functions and services are effectively provided and developed in an efficient and strategic manner to support the force within prevailing policies and budgetary provision.
  • The Corporate Development Department leads on corporate planning and continuous improvement with emphasis on an increased people focus to service delivery.
  • Organisation that are affiliated to Dorset Police. Dorset Police Male Voice Choir, NARPO.