5.20 PM Thursday 26 May 2016

Working together with Civil Enforcement Officers

Christchurch Borough Council’s Civil Enforcement Officers now do much more than just enforce on and off-street parking restrictions. From April this year they have not only been seeking to educate those people who do not pick up after their dogs but also those that drop litter. Whilst initially only strong warnings were given, officers are now collating information in a report book which may ultimately lead to offenders being issued with a fixed penalty through the post. Currently, the fine is £75 for littering and £50 for failing to clear up after your dog, under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and the Fouling of Land by Dogs Act 1996 respectively.

In addition to the above, the work of the CEOs involves, amongst other things, working with local businesses to ensure that their staff dispose of cigarette butts appropriately after breaks, arranging for abandoned bikes and fly tipping to be collected immediately, and collating evidence regarding businesses selling vehicles on the highway, with a view to a prosecution.

Each of the seven CEOs in Christchurch have now been attached to a Safer Neighbourhood Team and are contactable through the council’s Senior Neighbourhood Management Officer, Andy Jones, on 01202 495172.

10 fixed penalty notices have been issued by CEOs/PCSOs for littering/dog fouling offences since September 2008.